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On June 13, the much-awaited realme C65 is launching in the Philippines. Dubbed as Certified future-proof, realme C65 is a standout among other devices in its segment, the realme C65 has a 48-month Fluency Rating and Low Blue Light Certification granted by TÜV Rheinland, a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification services. With this new smartphone, Millenials and even Gen-Z would appreciate its accessibility and feature set while our younger brothers and sisters - the teens and students would treat this as their best friend for it would be very useful in their school needs and social media break time. The realme C65, priced at only P9,999 SRP, is available in a single 8GB+256GB storage variant with the stunning colors Starlight Purple and Starlight Black.

realme has gone the extra mile with the realme C65, so it's not just an average smartphone - it's a device the Squad can rely on for its solid build quality, innovative features, and sustainable use. 



realme C65 receives recognition from TÜV Rheinland for a 48-Monthly Fluency Rating & Low Blue Light Emission. What does this mean?

It feels brand new even after four years

The realme C65 has completed a series of comprehensive tests to determine its peak capacity. As a result, the TÜV SÜD 48-Month Fluency Rating is a game-changer for those who depend heavily on their devices.

This certification ensures that the realme C65 will maintain its performance when properly cared for, ensuring a smooth user experience for at least four years, even as newer models enter the market

The Squad can look forward to an enjoyable smartphone experience with fewer crashes and less frequent upgrades, making it a sustainable choice that doesn't compromise performance.

It has Low Blue Light for better eye care

Screen time is virtually unavoidable, exposing individuals to blue light emitted by various devices. According to experts, prolonged exposure can lead to eye strain, disrupted sleep, and visual discomfort.

Luckily, the realme C65 provides a simple solution with its TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification. Compared to standard devices, the realme C65 emits lower levels of blue light, reducing the adverse effects of screen time and making it safer and more comfortable.


Real Essentials are realme's latest features that optimize the user experience. These dedicated functions on the realme C65 are tailor-made to enhance and streamline users' ability to maximize their device's capabilities.

The Real Essentials include hands-free Air Gestures controls, a customizable Dynamic Button, interactive Mini Capsule 2.0, Rainwater Smart Touch, a quick and easy Smart Code ScanCustomized Lowest Brightness, AI Boost for performance, and an easy UI interface during Riding Mode. 

• Air Gestures
It uses the selfie camera on low power in order to identify hand gestures with AI Algorithms and perform given actions such as swiping up and down.

• Dynamic Button
It enables custom-mapping on the power button for either a double-tap or double-press to activate or open an intended function or application.

• Mini capsule 2.0
It uses an expanding animation from the selfie camera hole punch in the shape of a pill at the top of the screen to indicate certain notifications and toggles.

• Rainwater Smart Touch
Using algorithms - allows the display to stay at least 96% accuracy even when the display is wet with droplets or water or mist. It also allows a proper register of clicks and swipes even with wet or moist hands.

• Smart Code Scan
Recognizes a double-tap gesture from the user at the back of the upper part of the phone to activate the rear camera and instantly scan a QR Code for easy connections and payments including compatibility to the following: GCash, Grab and Maya.

• Customized Lowest Brightness
Allows the display to go down I brightness by as low as 1 Nit for less strain on the eyes of the user, especially in low-light conditions.

• AI Boost
Allows the user to choose between smooth boost or game boost to let the phone prioritize between overall productivity or gaming performance

• Riding Mode
Shows an app window that's easy t navigate where users can access Google Maps, Music Apps, Contacts and Google Dialer for ease of use when riding motorcycles or driving.

Together, these innovative features make the realme C65 a versatile smartphone that adapts to any lifestyle, making everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.


Get charged from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes, then up to 100% in 77 minutes. Equipped with charging algorithms such as VCVT Intelligent Tuning Algorithm that automatically adjusts voltage and current for improved charging performance.
Equipped with a VFC Trickle Charging Algorithm that slows down charging at the last 10% to conserve battery health. FFC Charging is paired with this to improve charging efficiency between 90% to 100%. It has 38 Safety Protections to guarantee safe and fast charging from all components including the charger, data cable, charging interface & circuit, and the battery.
The realme C65 also has charging technologies that help the realme C65 learn the user’s habits and sleeping patterns to optimize by slowing down or stopping charging for protection and helping conserve battery health and battery aging. It features “Extreme Cold Mode” that intelligently detects ambient temperatures around the phone being 0°C or below when plugged in to increase temperature to at least 10°C for an improved charging experience.
Tested to withstand and still perform well after 1,600 Charge Cycles versus the usual 1,200 from most competitors. Also supports PD Charging for 18W (Quick Charge), Dart or VOOC Charging (15W), SuperDart or SUPERVOOC (33W / 45W). Also supports OTG Reverse Charging with support for 5V / 1.2A for situations that need it.

IP54 Dust & Water Resistance
The first number (5) certifies that the realme C65 is proven and tested to have Ingress Protection against the intrusion of small particles such as dust; although not completely repelled, the amount of dust that can accumulate on the device will not affect the device’s functionality in normal circumstances.
The second number (4) indicates a level of Ingress Protection against splashes of water in all directions; but this only guarantees resistance – the device is not submersible.

6.7” 90Hz HD+Display (Rainwater Smart Touch)
Has a 6.67” large display (measured diagonally) with a punch hole notch at the top center housing the selfie camera and a 90Hz Refresh Rate. It is designed with HD+ (High
Definition at 1604x720) with 500 Nits of Brightness that can go higher to 625 Nits in HBM (High Brightness Mode).
Can go down to 1 Nit of Brightness which is rare in the price segment.. Having this capability helps the user’s eyes navigate the phone better in poorly lit or very dark places.
This can be toggled both manually with the brightness slider or automatically when Auto Brightness is toggled on. Auto Brightness adapts to surrounding ambient lighting conditions and selects the needed level of brightness for comfortable use.

7.64mm Ultra Slim Design (Shining Starlight Design)
The back of both colors is inspired by the concept of starlight. A double texture was created in order to create a special effect that’s reminiscent of stars shining. For craftsmanship, the phone went through 12 processes with 7 layers of a 300nm nano-optical coating plus a drench-coating highlighting process to create the starlight texture with high precision.

The phone was made to be slim at 7.64mm with the battery’s thickness being only at 4.4mm even at 5000mAh. It’s also lightweight even with a large battery capacity at only 185 grams.

The camera module’s plate was made with polycarbonate & 10% glass fiber with a vacuum-plated high-gloss process. The halo rings are made with PMMA+PC with a 150nm (Starlight Black) or 300nm (Starlight Purple) coating for the 3D flash effect that’s seen on the camera module.

The phone’s also designed with a “right angle” in mind allowing the phone to stand on its own – paired with curved edges that make the device comfortable and easy to hold.

MediaTek Helio G85
A dedicated octa-core processor with a 12nm Architecture that helps promote power efficiency at its price point. The realme C65 has an AnTuTu Score of 285,000, a Mali-G52 GPU. Has 2 ARM Cortex-A75 Cores that clock at up to 2.0GHz and 6 ARM Cortex-A55 Cores that clock at up to 1.8GHz

200% UltraBoom Speaker
Makes use of the phone’s single downward-firing speaker to boost the user’s audio experience. This enhancement in low-frequency audio and loudness is done through realme’s own self-developed audio algorithms.

Dynamic Button (Side-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner)
Allows custom mapping of the side-mounted power button for certain usage scenarios simply by double-tapping or double-pressing the button to activate; Also acts as a biometric fingerprint scanner
- Sound Modes (Ring, Vibrate, Mute)
- Quick Card Pack / Snap Cards
- Turn On / Off DND (Do Not Disturb)
- Turn On ”Riding Mode”
- Turn On / Off Airplane Mode
Turn On Camera (Street Mode / Google Smart Lens)
- Opening a preferred application

Multi-Mode Enhanced Antenna
Allows a smooth experience in terms of signal and helps avoid any interference regardless of the way the phone is held. Can take advantage of NFC technology given the location of the phone’s antennas.

Triple Card Slot
Allows the user to use two nano SIM Cards plus 1 microSD Card with up to 2TB for expanded storage

Real Quality
Has undergone 320+ Stringent Tests inclusive of 500,000 times of clicking the power button / 100,000 times of clicking on the volume rocker buttons / 20,000 times of plugging and unplugging the USB cable / 500,000 times of taps and clicks on the display / 10,000 times of plugging in and out from the headphone jack / Long-term high temperature and high humidity at 65°C, 95%RH for 14 days

Click the PHOTO for a clear view of the realme C65 Full Specification Sheet


The realme C65 4G has the following items inside its box:

  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Protect Case
  • SIM Card Needle
  • Quick Guide
  • Important Info Booklet (including the Warranty Card)


To learn more about realme’s latest updates, visit the realme official website and follow realme on Facebook.

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