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Motolite Express Hatid Now in Cebu! 

Motolite, the most-trusted name in automotive batteries in the Philippines, has formally launched its Motolite Express Hatid (MEH) in key areas in Metro Cebu, giving Cebuanos 24/7 access to Motolite’s free battery delivery, installation, and trade-in services.

This recent expansion of MEH will cover areas in Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Lapu-Lapu City. Motorists in these areas no longer need to visit Motolite outlets directly, as nearby branches will be able to send the batteries ordered straight to their homes. 


Aware that managing quick car problems at home or on the road can be challenging to do alone, Motolite is also ensuring that well-trained technicians and customer service professionals will be available on call with this service. These skilled technicians will be able to assist client callers in diagnosing car battery issues, perform base electrical system checks to identify underlying electrical concerns with the battery, and provide general expert diagnosis, battery jumpstart, and recharging. 

Queries, concerns, orders, and deliveries can be made through the MEH call centers at any hour of the day via these numbers: 032-517-6686 (LANDLINE), 0962-637-6639 (SMART), 0966-048-1862 (GLOBE).

The technicians can also assist Motolite users in making their E-warranty registrations so they can digitize their warranty. These will allow them to avail of warranty anytime, anywhere even if they are not carrying their physical warranty card. 


Ensuring customer convenience, Motolite's car battery delivery service provides diverse payment options. Customers can choose from cash, debit cards, credit cards, and even Gcash in selected outlets. Additionally, installment plan and BDO credit card holders benefit from a convenient 3-month installment plan. It makes the battery replacement financially manageable during unexpected car troubles. 

This commitment to diverse payment methods enhances overall customer satisfaction, making the service more inclusive and accessible to a broader audience.


In line with Motolite’s environmental and sustainability initiatives, MEH technicians will be using eco-friendly GEMI M6 Electric Vehicle M6 Motorcycles as part of their Delivery service fleets. By using electric powered motorcycles, MEH CEBU aims to be more sustainable. Since EV motors do not use fuels such as diesel and petrol, it will contribute to the reduced exhaust and fumes that might otherwise come from traditional motorcycles.
Motolite is also making sure that the used batteries will be channeled to a DENR-accredited recycler through its trade-in service. Customers will not only get good discounts in their new battery purchases, they will also be sure that their old batteries, which are considered hazardous wastes due to their lead and acid components, will not end up contaminating the environment.


Motolite is committed to providing high-quality batteries for every motorist’s needs. It’s continuous research and development has led to the production of tropicalized batteries that are best-suited for the country’s climate and road conditions. 
With this, Motolite users can enjoy peace of mind when they have these roster of batteries under their vehicle hoods: Motolite AGM, Motolite EFB, Motolite Excel, Motolite Gold, and Motolite Enduro.  
These batteries are being produced utilizing German technology at Motolite’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities.

Motolite AGM: Crafted as an enhanced AGM battery, it excels in moisture control and seamlessly integrates with stop-start systems. Featuring advanced AGM separators and low gassing, this spill-proof battery delivers optimal performance and durability.

•Motolite EFB: Tailored for Philippine conditions, this battery offers extended performance and durability. Featuring innovative low-type plates, reinforced frames, and optimized wire design, it ensures a longer lifespan, improved corrosion resistance, reduced self-discharge, and enhanced protection against short circuits.

•Motolite Excel: Engineered with durable materials and innovative technology, Motolite Excel boasts an extended lifespan, keeping you on the road longer and reducing replacement hassles. 

•Motolite Gold: Motolite Gold delivers consistent, reliable power throughout your journey. It is engineered for high-performance vehicles with increased electrical demands. It maintains responsiveness, even when pushing your vehicle's limits. 

•Motolite Enduro: Whether your routine involves city commutes, highway travels, or weekend errands, the Motolite Enduro battery is designed to handle everyday driving conditions.
If you find yourself with a dead car battery in Cebu, calling Motolite Express Hatid Cebu is the smart choice. Our fast response, convenience, quality products, and expert installation make us the quickest and most reliable way to get back on the road with confidence. Don’t waste time searching for alternatives, message or call us today and say goodbye to long wait times and hello to a hassle-free solution. 

You can reach MEH Cebu on our official Facebook Page or at any of the following numbers: 
Smart: 0962-637-6639
Globe: 0966-048-1862
Landline: 032-517-6686
For more details visit, cebu.motolite.com

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