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CORD is Circle Of Rough Diamonds

Are you a Diamond, undiscovered and left behind those “glamorous” and talented people? It’s time for you to shine and take the spotlight!

CORD Models and Talents (Cebu) is not your ordinary agency. It is a group of individuals molded with talents and diversity. What FaceCebu admired most about this group is the openness they possess and CORD does not just see a person in their looks but rather give more importance in the passion they are most comfortable with.

CORD Model: Rami Harven Gallego
PHOTO BY: Berries Mantilla
CORD MUAs & STYLISTs: Carmela Yvonne G. Arceo | Hanns Christoff Y. Nacua | Natasha Angelica R. Malinis
CONCEPT: Daniel Anthony K. Egos

CORD Models and Talents (Cebu) is a training ground. With the power and perseverance of CORD’s management and development team namely; Nelson del Mar, Jeny Murillo, Sam Lorena, Christine Edrolin and JM Sequihod (Project Coordinator), not just as precious as the Diamond the outcome will be, their models and talents are uncut Diamonds who represent the diversity and eccentricities of the world stage. They are unique in their own way which CORD is more favorable with. “There are people who stand out because of confidence. But here in the Philippines, our culture regarding looks is very colonial”, Mr. Anthony Kintanar Egos, head and director of CORD Models and Talents (Cebu), confessed during our online interview. And CORD will change this mentality - in the long run.

CORD Model: Kay Marie Berangel
PHOTO BY: Berries Mantilla
CORD MUAs & STYLISTs: Carmela Yvonne G. Arceo | Hanns Christoff Y. Nacua | Natasha Angelica R. Malinis
CONCEPT: Daniel Anthony K. Egos

Since CORD Models and Talents (Cebu) is defined as group of diverse, freelance models and talents who refuse to submit to one idea of beauty, they are accepting aspirants who stand out in their respective fields like Acting, Choreographing, playing in bands, Hair and Make-up Art, Photography, Graphic Art, Entertaining, Ushering and of course modeling either Image or Ramp. “Well, we tend to accept people who can do more than be models” added Mr. Egos.

Model: Antonio Gabriel
MUA: Jehan Flores
Photography: Jidd Somerhalder
Concept: Daniel Anthony K. Egos

Should you need to brush the Diamond in you, please see below contact for details:
Email :
Phone : (SUN) 09339544592
FB Page:

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May 25, 2011 at 4:44 PM delete

I'd like to update the names listed as part of the management and talent development team. They are as follows:

Nelson del Mar
Jeny Murillo
Sam Lorena
Joe Mike Sequihod
Christine Edrolin
Daniel Anthony Egos

CORD Services:
We provide the following quality services at very affordable rates:

Commercial Models
Ramp Models
Event Hosting
Ushers (for any event)
Entertainers (Bands/Singers) (for any event)
Event Planning/Management (for any event)
Graphic Artist Services
Professional Hair & Makeup Artists
Professional Photography Services (for any event/portfolio services)
Professional Video Services (for any event/specialized media e.g prenup,ads)

CORD Models and Talents (Cebu) is a proud supporter of the arts community of Cebu. We are open to creative collaboration with artists,filmmakers, and photographers.

09339544592 / 09158941765

Interested applicants are requested to send in their biodata and 2 recent images of themselves (1 close up and 1 full body) to the email ad listed above. It is not necessary that the images be taken at a studio. We also request all applicants to wait for us to contact you after you send in your applications. We are currently accepting males (5'7 and above) and females (at least above 5'4). Thank you.

-Daniel Anthony K. Egos
Managing Director,CORD Models and Talents (Cebu)

February 25, 2012 at 1:27 AM delete

How would you know if you are already accepted in the organization?

June 15, 2016 at 8:04 PM delete

Good day Sir/Maam, does the height requirement really apply?


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