Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Winners for Top 10 Announced

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* UPDATED for the official winners *

Miss Philippines Earth 2011, the eleventh installation of the third most popular beauty pageant in the whole world, centered this year's interest to forest conservation. It's coronation night is set to be held on June 5, 2011 - Sunday at the Puerto Princesa City Coliseum. But this year, there are only 10 candidates who try to bag the five titles which includes Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2011 - Tarhata Clio Shari Rico, Miss Philippines Fire 2011 - Michelle Gavagan, Miss Philippines Air 2011 - Jonavi Raisa Quiray, and Miss Philippines Water 2011 - Murielle Adrienne Orais and the grand winner, Miss Philippines Earth 2011 (Athena Mae Imperial) who will represent the Philippines for the international Miss Earth 2011 beauty pageant to be held at Thailand.

Last May 21, the Top 10 most beautiful women were chosen. Here are the list of the Top 10 candidates which were announced by Miss Earth Foundation Executive Director Cathy Untalan.

Represented Region Finalist's Name
01. Zamboanga Peninsula Maria Alicia Elena Ariosa
02. Central Visayas Murielle Adrienne Orais
03. SOCCSKSARGEN Edan Dafilmoto
04. Metro Manila 1 Michelle Gavagan
05. MIMAROPA Jonavi Raisa Quiray
06. Central Luzon Mary Denisse Toribio
07. International Fil. Com. Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
08. CALABARZON Athena Mae Imperial
09. Metro Manila 2 Tarhata Clio Shari Rico
10. SOCCSKSARGEN Cathrine Rosary Ocampo

Just like any other beauty pageants, early favorites were spotted through online buzzes and most of them won the minor or major awards. With Miss Earth Philippines 2011, it is obviously noticed that Cebu's representative, Miss Murielle Adrienne Orais, got the most LIKEs from the crowd. She is the only contender who got SEVEN minor and major awards in this year's pageant. Here are the complete list of Minor, Major or Sponsor Awards for Miss Philippines Earth 2011.

Miss Orais in her Swimsuit attire during a PressCon

Special Award: Candidate
Best in Swimsuit: Jonavi Raisa Quiray
Best in Evening Gown:Brenna Cassandra Gamboa
Best in Casual Club Wear: Murielle Orais
Best in Cocktail Wear: Jonavi Raisa Quiray
Best in Cultural Costume: Diane Carmela Querrer
Best in Amazon Costume: Murielle Orais
Best in Talent: Diane Carmela Querrer
Miss Friendship: Norella Nacis
Gandang Ricky Reyes Awardee: Murielle Orais
Miss Golden Sunset Resort: Michelle Gavagan
Mutya ng Sta. Cruzan: Murielle Orais
Mutya ng Kalikasan: Christianne Ramos
Miss Globe: Murielle Orais
Miss RCBC Saving Bank: Murielle Orais
Miss RCBC Bancard: Cathrine Rosary Ocampo
Miss Catanauan Cove: Murielle Orais

LEFT: Miss Orais received her Bes in Casual Wear special award while (RIGHT) she is wearing her WOW Filipiniana attire during the Top 10 elimination.

"She is never a product of some run-in-the-mill workshop, or of any beauty pageant at some nearby chapel, no. If truth be told, nineteen-year-old stunner Muriel Adrienne Isidore Orais is a reluctant beauty queen." , there goes Orly Cajegas, an Entertainment writer who believes Miss Orais, a Cebu City Beauty Queen, would be Miss Philippines Earth Winner.

Different online campaign were done but just like Orly, FaceCebu is supporting Miss Muriel Adrienne Isidore Orais as the next Miss Philippines Earth 2011.

In your own point of view, who do you think fit the title?

Photo Credit: www.missphilippines-earth.com

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