Dalaguete, Cebu's Pride

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The municipality of Dalaguete which is dubbed as The Summer Capital of Cebu, is celebrating its 300 years of existence or Tricentennial celebration. When i received a Facebook Wall invitation from a friend, Ms Juliet Amazona of iTravel iTours, I then checked my schedule and luckily I confirmed my attendance with attached excitement. In my thought, how i wish i can visit the very promising pride of Dalaguete, Obong Spring!

The Travel

February 5, Saturday, is scheduled for our IT Department's Team Building. I managed to attend the every fruitful training and early in the afternoon, i headed to Cebu City Sport's Complex with two other CBSi Bloggers, Mark Gallardo and Angelie Bas. We are supposed to leave by a bus around 4:00 PM but due to some reasons, we left the City around past 5 pm. Excited faces of runners filled the two buses. Some of them are students, some are professional runners and most of us are newbies (wink).

We arrived at the municipal hall of Dalaguete around 7 to 8 in the evening. The team, together with CDN sports writer, Glendale and Freeman Sports Writer Lemeuel (newly found friends of print media), checked in Maria's Batchoy and Restaurant in which i enjoyably loved their Chicken Chop Suey. After dinner, the team which is headed by Sir Vic, moved to their Municipal gym to visit the ALL-Stars Basketball game where I saw some celebrities like Joross Gamboa, Christopher de Leon, Paolo Paraiso, Jason Abalos, Onyok, Marco Alcaraz, Philip Salvador and others. Oh, i forgot to mention the very noisy two members of Baywalk Bodies, their songs sucks! After that visit, we the headed to Jonadels Resort to rest and prepare ourselves for a 5K run on the next day.

Tri-Centennial Run

We actually went to sleep around 12:00 midnight but in the dawn of February 6, maybe around 4 to 5 in the early morning, we woke up and went to some preparation for the much awaited event of Dalaguetnons. Before 6 in the morning, we arrived in the STARTing point of the Fun Run. The CBSi team decided to go for 5K and then wore our very nice singlet with Dalaguete's website at the back. The run was very fun and challenging for it is designed up hill. Meaning, we are running with our route going up to the mountains and it was really fun! A real and true Fun Run.

Dalaguete's lovely Church in an early dawn

This is my first Sunrise shoot at Dalaguete

Along our way up and down, we met different people who actually enjoyed their sights to those wet runners. Different trees were sited. Different culture was discovered. I love their old Church. Dalaguete is not an ordinary place, I say. It is a center of hospitable Cebuanos with a very warmth smile. I hope Cebuanos in other places could visit Dalaguete and discover the story that lies with in.

Eventhough I only stayed one night and one morning at the Vegetable Capital of Cebu, I learned one lesson, we must love our own. Come and Visit Dalaguete!

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  1. Lovely post.. I enjoyed those early morning jog in Dalaguete whenever I get to visit the my beloved town. I can only reminisce those uphill battles in sweat and aching calfs but reaching the summit gave me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I felt like Sylvester Stalone in the movie Rocky atop the mountain screaming.. " Im on top of the world ".. hehehe Even though I used to live in his neighborhood in Brooklyn, I can savor those times in the tropics hence were now in the midst of a heavy snowy winter here in New York. Your story and pics of Dalaguete encouraged me to hid NYSC for a lap or two on this subfreezing temperature. Oh.. I almost forgot pls. say hi to Juliet Amazona for me.... from Ken


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