Southwestern University - CCS @ 25, initiates a Blog Talk

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February 12, 2011 - Saturday I attended "A Blog Talk" at Southwestern University in which I was one of the Speakers. This event is inline with the College of Computer Studies 25th year of Celebration with a theme, CCS Conquers the limits! The Blogging talk aims to introduce to students of SWU-CCS the importance of Blog and how it can help in our personal purposes or any other advocacy. It was also designed to give them idea on social media etiquette and some other do's and dont's when somebody is into blogging.

Fresh from our overnight software project session, my Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Co-founder, Kevin Ray Chua, rushed to SWU past 8 in the morning. The talk was divided into three. I took the initiation with Blogging 101. It was then followed by Kevin with topic, promoting Advocacy through Social Media and I stood back with a topic on Money Making.

At the end of the session, as we expected, there was no question raised, so Kevin and I decided to give "one last word" as inspiration for them to get into blogging. Picture taking and some chit-chats took place and we went home around 12 noon.

A special thanks to my friend Ms. Christine Joy Alcain for the invitation.

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