Mr. and Ms. Mandaue 2011 Official Candidates

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This is it! Part of Mandaue Fiesta this coming May 2011, the official candidates of Mr. and Ms. Mandaue 2011 has been introduced to the press and to the public at the Parkmall, Cebu. This year's fiesta theme is “Our Home, Our Future.”

Pageant director Emelio “Jojin” Pascual proudly presented the following final list of Mr. and Miss Mandaue 2011 candidates:

The male finalists include:

1.Dard-Wali Arranchado
2.Rafael Torneros
3.Don Aaron Inocian
4.Yves Campos
5.Franz Cimafranca
6.Brylee Marloyd Camargo
7.Daryl Borces
8.Wenzel Don Sevilleno
9.Giuliano Galicia
10.Ludwig Dan Beltran
11.Carlos Ching
12.Anfeihl Cid Orbeta
13.Richard Alex Ventura
14.Charles Matienzo
15.Ummar Sambilad
16.Danilo Belangel

The beautiful Miss Mandaue finalists are the ff:

1.Juna Rhona Pusta
2.Marjorie Cayasan
3.Shelly Therese Rodriguez
4.Veliene Law Rosas
5.Reygin Brion
6.Ann Vernice Cabasa
7.Crystal Star Aberasturi
8.April Ann Velasco
9.Lady Jernae Marquez
10.Jennibeth Delfin
11.Genefe Navilon
12.Rosalyn Clavano
13.Maebelle Erica Barro
14.Astrid Adrienne May Ariston Hernandez
15.Christine Paula Love Bernasor
16.Donna Maricel Cardino

This year's pageant will be attended by celebrities rooted from Mandaue. Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemates Paul Jake Castillo and Fretzie Bercede have a special attendace with “America’s Got Talent” semi-finalist Luigi Seno who said to be originally from Mandaue City.

Different entertainment and events are in plate with the organizers for this year's Mandaue Fiesta Celebration. One of the must-see event is the city’s attempt at a Guiness World Record for the biggest rice cake ever made with the “Biggest Bibingka Day” on April 27.

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  3. ms. 6 and 7 are 6 is supposed to be crystal star aberasturi

  4. mr.mandaue beauty without brain..ana na ka desperado ang mga committe og organizer..fuck offffffffffffff..


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