FC Author to speak for LNHS Batch 2011 Graduates

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FC author was invited weeks ago to be the guest speaker infront of the Batch 2011 graduates of Labogon National High School, my Alma Mater today April 4.This is the 9th Graduation Exercises of the said school with the theme; "The Graduate: A Partner Towards Transformational Society, An Answer to Societal Change". I can actually write freely but when i am bounded with theme or any motif, i always ended up not so sure of the article or i may feel incomplete about it. Anyhow, here is my script for the commencement exercise later:

A portrait of me during my CIT University graduation

I studied everything, study hard, but never topped and never became Cum Laude, Magna or Summa Cum Laude. But today, the topnotchers and honors of the best universities are my employees” Who do you think said those lines? Yes, others may not know but Bill Gates did. He has been so successful in his career and made a Mark in the society and to the Business World.

How about you, graduates? What are your plans for life? How can you contribute or I may ask how can you deliver a new YOU after this graduation and impart new skills or knowledge to the changeable society? I remembered when I was about to step off and excited to become an Alumnus of this Alma Mater. I was actually thinking of things, professions, courses and some other futuristic matters which excite me more in graduating from High School. At first, I was dreaming to become a Lawyer or a Doctor maybe but where do you think I ended up? I enrolled to a Technical school, at CITE to be specific. But is there any regret? I believe there isn’t. Because of CITE, I was able to be employed as exactly as 18 years of age. Because of CITE, I was able to develop skills and sciences which are not being discussed and tackled in Colleges and Universities. Because of CITE, as exactly as 18, I was able to witness and embrace the real World outside. But after CITE years, do I end up working and working and working? Nope! This Labogonian don’t stop dreaming. When I was taken into regular status at Timex Philippines, I took the opportunity and asked my manager a favor. I inquired, Sir “Can I proceed to take my Bachelor Degree samtang nagtrabaho ko?” My Manager with a surprising face responded, “Yes, pwede kaayo basta dili lang mabiyaan ang trabaho” And you know what? This Laboganon is the first IT Infrastructure personnel who graduated in Bachelor Degree while working. In other words, I was working and schooling at the same time.

So where is the contribution to our beloved Society? It is the employment, being a good citizen and be a partner to it. If you are to notice, the society we are part of is changing, in other words people are changing. Behaviours and some social relations change. You graduates can also be part of those changes – those good changes that our community must and should have undergone. Strive and do not stop striving. Fight and do not stop fighting. Dream and do not stop dreaming. Instead of shortening your hope due to some conflicts and circumstances in life, stand up and do what is necessary. Remember, we are a quality graduates of LNHS, therefore we should be a quality individual of this society.

If you may not know, life after this moment is not just a challenging one. It is slippery out there. Hindrances are everywhere. Competition is tough. If you won’t make it, you’ll surely fail. If you do the wrong turn, then you’ll surely head to a wrong road. But this isn’t a threat; this is a reminder that we should be careful and live life aimfully. After graduation, others may pursue their loved courses. Maybe some will take on their new uniforms and proceed to work or maybe others are thinking what will happen to them and just said, bahala na! It isn’t right, in any ways, continue to work and do it very hard to fulfill your dreams. Do it slowly but surely!

I would like to congratulate, not only our dear Graduates who are in one of their momentous event of their lives, but equally also to our beloved and devoted parents, who are in one way or another, always there for their children: for the encouragement and support for four years in the making, for making this commencement exercise possible for their children.

Let us also not forget our educators: for the school administration and to our dedicated teachers and mentors who serves as our foundations and pillars of our learnings; for inculcating both the right knowledge and information that are useful for our youth, and the values and attitudes needed for them to use these learnings in our everyday lives, thus leading to a transformed and better society in our generation today.

To the graduates, remember, the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Kudos to this batch of graduates and good evening!

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