Brillante Mendoza Film Festival at SM City Cebu

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The first ever Asian and Filipino, Internationally-acclaimed and multi-award director Brillante Mendoza in cooperation with SM Cinemas presents his independent movie films and productiosn in SM City Cebu specifically at Cinema 2 come this coming August 4 and will end in August 5, 2011.

Take note that this Film showing is for Free and no charge is asked.

Here are the movies with their synopsis, some awards and schedules of showing:

August 4, 11 AM – MANORO (The Aeta Teacher, 2006)

Synopsis: It’s presidential election time once again and like the rest of their fellow Filipinos, the native Aetas are required to vote. But how can a community take part in the elections if most of the elders do not know how to read and write? A young Aeta girl has the answer.

Winner, Best Picture and Best Director awards, Cinemanila Film Festival 2006.
Winner, CinemAvvenir, Torino Film Festival 2006

August 4, 5 PM – LOLA (Grandmother, 2009)

Synopsis: Two elderly women bear the consequences of a crime involving their respective grandsons. One grandson is the victim, the other is the suspect. Both weak and poor, the two grandmothers laboriously solicit money in the midst of a storm, one for her dead grandson’s burial, the other for jailed grandson’s bail bond.

AWARD: Winner, Grand Knight award, 27th Miami International Film Festival.

August 5, 11 AM – KALELDO (Summer Heat, 2007)

Synopsis: Set in Pampanga a decade after the province was ravaged by the lahar from Pinatubo, Kaleldo follows the lives of Rudy Manansala, a woodcarver, his three daughters and their relationships with other people in the span of seven summers.

Winner, Netpac Award, Jeonju Film Festival 2007
Winner, Best Actress award, Durban Film Festival 2007.

August 5, 2 PM – FOSTER CHILD

Synopsis: A drama centered on the state of foster care in the Philippines, the movie tells the story of a poor family of squatters who takes in a foster child under their wing.

Winner, Best Actress award, New Delhi Film Festival 2007,
Winner, Special Jury Award in Kazakhstan Film Festival 2007,
Winner, the Signis Award in Las Palmas Film Festival 2008,
Winner, Best Picture and Actress awards in Durban Film Festival 2008.

For inquiries, please call SM Administration Office at 231-3446 to 47.

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