Jay Michael: Call Him Bisdak

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Twenty-three-year-old Jay Michael Manulat Limpio could have easily banked on his Korean-boy look with his chinito eyes—but he didn’t. He likes to be called a modern-day Cebuano, a certified Bisdak through and through who’s proud of his heritage.

Photo Credit: Eric Estampador Cabales

Jay Michael, who grew up in Carmen, knows what he wants and what he can do not only for himself but also for his country. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, he took and passed the nursing board examination in 2009. However, instead of immediately trekking the road toward greener pastures, he opted to be a volunteer nurse in Vicente Gullas Memorial Medical Hospital.

An Aries lad, he sought adventure and dynamism by modelling under CORD Models and Talents Cebu, and his boy-next-door demeanor and camera presence eventually landed him a print ad for Racini Bags and Luggages in Cagayan and Davao.

For many, managing two careers at the same time can be daunting, but the twenty-three-year-old’s dedication and perseverance allow him to do both without a hitch. Besides, he prefers to look at the bright side, absorbing as many lessons as he can from his experiences, such as discipline from modelling and selflessness from volunteering.

Photo Credit: Renan Gudes for Racini Bag

Why He’s Face of Cebu for August

Jay Michael doesn’t want to get carried away with the Korean wave. He wants to be true to himself, to remain grounded, and to use his skills and looks to serve his fellow Cebuanos. Most of all, his dedication to his two crafts, his discipline, and his perception that anything can be done with passion are worth emulating.

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