ZOMBADINGS I: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

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Summation of CEB members’ comments on

ZOMBADINGS I: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

Grade: A

Origin8 Media, Inc.

ZOMBADINGS 1: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington is a thoroughly entertaining and hilarious film. It is “an offbeat comedy that presents a very different story — one which Philippine cinema needs” in these days when formulaic films dominate the movie fare of today. The young filmmakers are to be congratulated for this “enjoyable and original concept which wasn’t afraid to take it to its humorous extremes.”

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The film is awarded an `A’; it is an “incredible achievement with an amusing and rare synergy of horror, comedy, satire and drama.” Director Jade Castro delivers a “well-executed film.” The unpredictability of ZOMBADINGS is commendable although it tried to send “too many messages.” Castro, however, is still successful in “capturing the nuances of the transformation of Remington” with apparent ease.

The screenplay in general is “very good and could have been funnier if it was more focused.” Several reviewers commented that “the zombies were actually not that necessary and could have been edited down; nevertheless, they do serve to accentuate the ridiculous nature of the situation.”

The starting premise is “quite new and interesting, but things fell flat in the middle (due to the many sub-plots) but luckily, the script picked up in the end.” “There were enough funny lines and unusual but well established situations — both helped by excellent performances.”

The editing is “crisp, clear, succinct and effective.” “There is no wasted footage.” The cinematography is “textured” and together with the production design, provides the fitting rustic backdrop of the film. The Quezon setting is perfectly suited to the story and treatment. Both the musical score and the sound are “well done, especially the simple but appropriate sound effects.”

Finally, it is the acting in ZOMBADINGS that was unanimously praised by the CEB reviewers. “Overall, the acting performances are laudable with no pretentiousness at all and are enhanced by the characterization drawn clearly by the scriptwriters.”

Mart Escudero gets the majority of the high marks. “Mart is a revelation!” “Escudero is excellent and thoroughly convincing in both his straight and gay roles without making either role a caricature.” His gradual transformation from a macho suitor to a reluctant gay to a complete bakla is a marvel. He is truly a brave actor for letting it all out for his art. His dance number is a laugh-out-loud performance and so are his suddenly gay-speaking scenes and the “romantic” scene with Jigs at the staircase.

Summation of CEB members’ comments on “Zombadings I: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington

The supporting cast provides great support: Janice de Belen is very much in character, John Regala seems to be really enjoying himself and even Kerbie Zamora is a natural. Some members commented though that Eugene Domingo could have been utilized more aside from her being the sad/merry skating widow. The actors are “all good and they have the ability to laugh at themselves without ridiculing the third sex.”

ZOMBADINGS is a “fun movie with competent direction remarkable comic timing.” “Undeniably, the film is worthy of the favorable critical attention that it will surely reap.”

To paraphrase Kermit the Frog: it’s not easy being gay, but this film shows it surely is a lot of fun!

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