Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill Jams in Parkmall Cebu

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"A hungry mob is an angry mob", there goes Bob Marley's "Them Belly Full" Song but here in Bob Marlin Restaurant, no hungry and angry mob allowed to go out empty - all satisfied, happy and full mob, all night long! Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill, the newly added food link in Parkmall Mandaue, Cebu aims to give the customers a great meal and good time in the most affordable price and for a plus, a reggae themed ambiance let the guests feel that they are in for something special.

Bob Marlin named from the famous Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician, Bob Marley, is a medium-sized restaurant originally located in Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City' s food strip. Bob Marlin's emphasis will be on no frills, Pinoy comfort good and grilled specialties. The restaurant shall have a laid-back tropical ambiance complete with a reggae in-store music to complete branding and differentiation.

With their specialty on Marlin Dishes, Bob Marlin's menu is going simple and fresh Filipino comfort and fiesta foods, and an example of such is the mouth watery Crispy Pata. Whether it's a grilled or sizzling dish; an iced cold beer or chilled dessert, the food should always be served in its optimum quality. The hot food should warm the customers' hearts and the cool drinks shall sooth their tense nerves.

Open For Franchise 

Do you want to franchise Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill? Well, with just 888,888.88 PHP, you can manage and have this resto already. Check below steps and franchise information for details.

If you happen to visit Parkmall Mandaue, don't forget to stop by at Bob Marlin Restaurant and Grill just beside Orange Brutus fronting the big Park Mall sign.

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