The Coriander, Indian-Singaporian Cuisine at its Best

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A leaf that changes the food scene in Metro Cebu has opened its Kitchen for Asian food culture and lifestyle. The Coriander, silantro in bisaya or Chinese parsley, is the "unkabogable" ingredient of most all dishes at The Coriander Restaurant, Lounge and Grill located at the Crossroads, Cebu City just beside The VUDU - Luxxx.

Har Cheung Gai or the Chicken Wings was a blast as an opening

Inspired by his grandmother's cook, The Coriander by Sheldon Jega has once again re-invented its cuisine to deeper emphasize his creative culinary roots and the food the he grew up eating and cooking. "It's really grandma's cooking, its a home cook meal at the restaurant - cook like how we cook at home", Sheldon sincerely expressed. An Asian grill was purposely built within the restaurant so that perfection is attained. Succulent marinated grilled meats inspired from the Southeast Asian region is slowly laid under the golden fire of charcoal just how we did it at home or in beach parties.

The Naan (below photo) is actually served with the Singaporean type of Dinuguan (above photo)

The Gastro Lounge provides for blends of creative mixtures where mix-ologists are not needed. Here the customer could request for their "usual" or something from the top of their head or the Chef's head. It's sort of like a wet market for crazy concoctions and good food to go with it. The price compared to expensive restaurant, The Coriander is very very reasonable. Porkchop, which actually, Chef Sheldon didn't use pork in it, and Chicken Curry are the two of so many main dishes that the restaurant is proud of.

The Singaporean omelette tasted very well.
And this Singaporean Kangkong was the Star of the night, spicy and yummy!


Another great and unique offering at The Coriander is the all-time favorite Gelatos which actually made from the best fresh ingredients. Staying true to Italian tradition, the restaurant find the best and locally present best ingredients and select flavors as demanded by the seasons. To name a few, The Coriander serves Gelatos in Strawberry, Pineapple, Star Apple and other exotic yet yummylicious fruits.

Numnum GelatoFull!

The restaurant is open for a Made-to-Order-Gelatos which actually takes 20 minutes to be made. All you need to do is call the restaurant the day before you need the dessert.


With 8 years experienced in cooking, Sheldon was actually taught by his Grandma how to cook. He started as Dishwasher and accidentally became a chef when in his past employer, he mixed a sauce which was super loved by one the customers. Why do Chef Sheldon chose Coriander? "Its just the something, the flavor that amazes me and plus i grow up with it. It's something that close to my heart." , he answered.He added, "Coriander, its a leaf that is difficult to grow, very sensitive, very individualistic" The only Chef in town who is so particular of how his friends - the customers to be specific feel about his foods. "Im happy making people happy with food, not with food - through food", he shared. He also shared that as a chef, you must go above the standard and never contented of what is in there. "With one dish, i changed 8 to 9 times", he added. 

When Michelle Varron, Mabuhay Magazine writer asked, Describe your food? The amazing chef replied, "If I ask to describe my food, it would be something that has been prepared with lot of efforts, a lot of love, a lot of passion brought together with great deal of effort - alot of complicated stuffs just to get the best of every single dish"

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