ilaputi, Cebu's Pride in a Plate

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Mistakenly dubbed as a social restaurant in the heart of IT Park Cebu, ilaputi is definitely a must visit and a must try restaurant for it does not just give sumptuous dishes but its for Cebuanos to be proud of. Born out of passion, ilaputi began serving the best of asian & fusion dishes in 2002. Fast casual gourmet comfort dishes as people would know it; each dish is prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Cozy interiors, cool music, and courteous staff add a delight to the whole dining experience.

Our signature 22 ounce blended drinks and house cocktails makes a great tandem to the most recognizable dishes, the Puti's Platos and Great Plates and are sought after for its large portions and comforting flavors. Try the classics like Penang Plato, Saigon Adobo, Nonihm Thai, Stroganov, Pasta Puti, Kari Kulkarni or take the adventure to your palate with Fusion Fillet, Grilled Chinese Chicken Jambalaya, Kenso or Triton's Treat Pasta

Unlike other restos, ilaputi's shakes are served in a "WOW" glass. "Yes of course, why serve it in small glasses when we can serve it in a big glass, its all about quality and quantity.", Jan Rodriguez, owner, added.

Strawberry milkshake, a satisfaction after a full tummy

Mexcebuano Chicken 200 / 230 - lite / full

Overnight marinated chicken breast fillets, dry rubbed with mexican spices, grilled with homemade barbecue sauce served with yellow rice and pickled vegetables.

What is ilaputi?

If you're not from Cebu or can't speak or understand the city's vernacular (bisaya/cebuano) then you'd be clueless what "ilaputi" means. It simple means "sa kanila Puti" in tagalog or "there at Puti's" in English. "Puti" is Jan Rodriguez's nickname that his friends call him, the owner of ilaputi and the creator of the entire line up of ilaputi's dishes and drinks. Throughout the years, ilaputi had made a name for itself and not just talking the name literally, but ilaputi had been a Cebuano home for great food and drinks, shared with family and friends - a culture that had been loved by Cebuanos and tourists for almost a decade.

Jan Rodriguez, the PUTI

Jan Rodriguez is a self-taught Chef with a passion for world flavors and cuisine. Imaginatin, love and passion - these will always be his main ingredients. Inspired by his world travels and the comforts of his home kitchen, ilaputi opened thier tables 9 years ago in the paradise island of Cebu.With an electric mix of flavors and good vibes. ilaputi have grown to be a place of culture and a community.

So how ilaputi differs from other restaurants? "We have a variety that can satisfy a certain craving, so if you are in for something spicy, more salty or sweeter or different kinds of cravings or asian, ilaputi can give you those ", Jan answered.

For Inquiries

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Live Bands are also offered with the following schedules: Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays: Meed, Adizz Avenue, Number Sign & Save Session, while in Thursdays, they have Ronald Mayorca. The shows always start at 9 PM.

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