The Many Faces of Eden

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Fedwilyn Villarba, fondly called Eden by friends and family, doesn’t want you to be intimidated. She even considers herself as the nicest, most approachable person you’ll ever meet, who can talk unceasingly about the most random things.

Yet no one can really blame the others for their insecurities.

At 25 years old, she already has a string of accomplishments and a lot of titles under her name.

Known for her impeccable sense of style, she’s the face behind Chic in the Tropics, one of Cebu’s go-to blogs in terms of fashion and was nominated for this year’s Best Cebu Blogs under Fashion Niche; an active member of the fast-growing Cebu Fashion Bloggers Group; and part of the Seven Stylish Filipinas Online shortlist by the Philippine Online Chronicles.

She’s also used her deep passion and knowledge on the field as a freelance stylist, working with some of the top brands in the country such as Yves Identify, Topshop, and Wafer Models Philippines.

Putting her Mass Communications degree from the University of the Philippines-Cebu College to good use, she worked as a disc jockey for 96.3 WRock, a newscaster for Y101, and now a contributing writer for SHOT, a new lifestyle magazine based in Manila.

Eden is also very much into the arts. She isn’t just an events host—she has mingled with bigwigs and celebrities such as Borgy Manotoc—but also a freelance voice-over talent. She’s braved the cameras and acted on TV shows and independent films like Saranghae My Tutor, Volition, Lingkawas, Esoteric Music, Dirty Blue Money, and Kumpisal ng Birhen, which made it to Singafest Asian Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In fact, she’s so good in her craft she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for last year’s Cinema One Film Festival for her brilliant portrayal of Merly in Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria. Her name has also appeared in playbills as part of Vagina Monologues of Crystal Cavalier Productions.

You may say, however, she had it easy. She’s smart, sassy, and beautiful. But Eden is someone who doesn’t really rest on her laurels. Though she knows she has all the innate attributes to succeed, she’s also aware that without passion, hard work, and inspiration, she wouldn’t be able to achieve all these or even move forward and do more for herself. She has definitely met a couple of challenges along the way, but she believes there’s nothing she can’t do and sees everything as a journey with hundreds of lessons to learn and a push to always be the best.

Face of Cebu wants to end 2011 with a huge bang, and what better way to do that than to have one of the prettiest, no-nonsense, dream-chaser Eden for October. Her ability to create big goals and run after them no matter what it takes should be a great source of inspiration and motivation for every Cebuano. 

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  1. always had this hidden desire to befriend this chic in the tropic way way back...good thing we are good friends now ;) Kudos to you Eden! See you soonest love!

  2. I'm really glad that Eden is one of my closest friends here in Cebu! This chic totally rocks!


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