Mr & Ms LPIC CEBU 2012

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Mr & Ms LPIC CEBU 2012 (The search for ambassadress and ambassadors of Beauty, Health and Wellness)


Living Power Int’l Corp. is a multi level company operating internationally with more than one million members across the globe. Our Central Visayas members reaching out the marginal areas including the neighbouring key cities with a hundred thousand members.

We have linked international operation to Singapore and Thailand. Our main office is located at Macdouton Building 768 EDSA Corner East Ave Diliman Quezon City. LPIC is managed by the Overseas Port Management of Singapore and its company products are formulated by Dr. Chanita Villegas-Chua, MD, FPOGS, FPSUOG, FMFM, and MSCE

The pageant conceptualizes and focuses on water representing the product Liquimins and the scenery green depicting the healthy benefits of organics herbs.

The LPIC Cebu Depot in cooperation with Sepia Events and Productions will stage the first MR & MS LPIC CEBU 2012 this May 19, 2012, Saturday at the Mariners Court Cebu. This pageant is participated by 10 lovely ladies and alluring gentlemen who proudly hail from different parts of Central Visayas.

The pageant seeks to showcase the positive qualities of ambassadors and ambassadress of LPIC which in line with the beauty and wellness industry. The pageant envisions creating a role model out of its young and active participants. Far from being just an ordinary beauty pageant, MR & MS LPIC CEBU 2012 is about promoting a healthy lifestyle to the young generations and entail a great responsibilities to be strong enough to carry the
banner of Mr & Ms LPIC CEBU 2012 and pursue the mission and vision of the company.

The search envisions for brand ambassador and ambassadress which empowers young generation against health and livelihood crisis. The pageant advocates eliminating local health dilemma and livelihood crisis for global enhancement in the young world unified efforts.

As part of this pageant, MR & MS LPIC CEBU 2012 will also play a role in uplifting the lives of the less fortunate individual. Part of the program proceeds will aid for the corporate charity events on our OPLAN KALUSAGAN campaign and the outreached nutritious feeding program. Finalists are also group into FOUR (4) and tasked to initiate charitable works conceptualized to foster a healthy living.

Directed by: Rick Dublado
Produced by: LPIC CEBU DEPOT ( Condes Sisters: Jet, Mitch & Myra)

Name of the Finalists:
  1. Regline Montebon
  2. Ronah Frances Bengil
  3. Rhona Marie Lopez
  4. Joye Bautista
  5. Jannele Figuracion
  6. Aiko Rachelle Sanchez
  7. Sheila Mae Belandres
  8. Christine Temblor
  9. April Joyce Jornales
  10. Cianna Mae Innis
  11. Julio Miguel del Rio
  12. Dennis Paolo Portugaleza
  13. Clyde Gail Magalso
  14. Januarius Gee Panlinawan
  15. Ian Campos
  16. John Paul Preston
  17. Andrie Conlu
  18. Jericson Badinas
  19. Don Nichol Gonzales
  20. Ummar Sambilad

Tickets sold at P150 for General Admissions inclusive of 1 Power Liquimins, 1 Bottled Drinking water and Raffle Entry (Grand Prize: Android 2.3 Tablet)

P500 – Sponsors with special LPIC products inclusions


2nd Floor Anitas Building, Osmena Blvd.

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  1. i was not able to watch the pageant coz lagi nag change date and what a heck sa director nito....i waited sino nanalo, wala naman na post......sana post nyo naman para kahit papano natuloy pala


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