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"It’s More Fun in Blogging and Social Media" is the chosen theme that Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (a well organized Blogging Society in Cebu and the brainchild of yearly WBD celebration) made for this year's World Bloggers Day Celebration which is set to kick off on Tuesday, May 2, 2012. But why it is more fun in Blogging and in Social Media? In line with our Department of Tourism's slogan - "It's More Fun in the Philippines" , CBSi would love to contribute to its goal to spread the news to the whole wide world that Philippines, either we are offline or in online mode, our country has showcased talents, culture, brotherhood, beautiful spots and most of all, wonderful and hospital people and supportive netizens!

I'm calling my brothers and sisters in Blogging World, what can we contribute to encourage everyone that it is really more fun in our hobby? Not just the literal meaning of fun but at least in our own way, Blogging and the Social Media, we can shout to the world that we exist, we can help out and we are not just merely simple bloggers but we are bloggers who serve the netizens for news, we are bloggers who beleive in change (betterment) and we are bloggers who are the NEWS.

Here is the Press Release that can be spread by online media and bloggers world wide.

Like it. Tweet it.  Link it. And now Pin it.
These are the simple content and social marketing tasks bloggers do after hitting the Publish button. Posting, of course, takes precedence. But for other bloggers, it can be a challenge to create an article as compelling as those we read (or sometimes frown) on top blogs with the likes of MASHABLE, TechCrunch, LifeHacker, Copyblogger, Jezebel or even Perez Hilton.
For newbie bloggers, it’s a challenge to connect to other bloggers via online. We know them through reading their blogs. But because of lack of physical contact, they can still be qualified as strangers at some point.
Bringing all bloggers in one location is next to impossible. Even with the World Bloggers’ Day (WBD) that is now on its 3rd year, the ambitious individuals who started it still find it hard to connect them all.
With the varieties of bloggers who exist in the Wide, Wild World of Internet, uniting them all seems impossible. Nevertheless, the capacity of a few bloggers to gather them is never a remote possibility.
The initiators of World Bloggers Day were able to connect to different blogging communities in different countries. Even though not all countries were involved, the dream of connecting with other bloggers in different countries came true.
Collectively, World Bloggers’ Day was a success. Many blogging communities signed up as WBD chapters organized online and offline celebrations in 2011.
Starting with World Bloggers’ Day Australia, Glen Frost was able to organize an event that involved him and other bloggers in Sydney for a blogging and Internet Marketing session with a keynote speaker. With a theme: How social media is changing corporate & Government communication. How you can use Facebook, Glen Frost and other Sydney bloggers were able to push WBD in Sydney, Australia. What made this event more awesome was that Ogilvy helped him in organizing it.
World Bloggers’ Day 2011 in Australia 
At Dubai, Ion Gonzaga integrated the World Bloggers’ Day event at GeeksTalk Dubai.
WBD 2011 in Geek Talks Dubai
Meanwhile, the Nepalese bloggers chose the World Bloggers’ Day as their platform for launching a social network for bloggers and journalists, the Mero Report (www.meroreport.net).
Bloggers from Lebanon, Singapore, Myanmar, New Zealand and Pakistan were able to join us. Although they chose to celebrate the day online using Twitter, their participation was still valuable to us in more ways that we can count.
In the Philippines, Azrael Codilla, the founder of Manila Bloggers Network, celebrated World Bloggers’ day in a mall with other bloggers. The event was pulled through thanks to the valiant effort of Azrael.
WBD 2011 Manila
In Cebu, the Cebu Bloggers Society organized a conference session with successful executives. The keynote speaker was Wilson Ng, who entertained the bloggers with his instrumental rendition of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.
WBD 2011 Cebu with Mr. Wilson Ng as one of the Keynote Speakers
Executives from Yahoo Philippines and SolidHosting.ph shared their inputs about social media and internet security at the Plenary Hall of RAFI Building.
WBD 2011 Cebu with Mr. Sam Jacoba of Yahoo Philippines
The World Bloggers Day event in Cebu was also used as the avenue for oath-taking of the newly-elected officers of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.
Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. Induction of Newly Elected Officers during WBD 2011 activity
Thanks to our sponsors: Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., Bo’s Coffee andSolidhosting.ph, WBD Cebu was a success.
WBD 2011 Cebu Official Venue 
Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. is still spearheading World Bloggers’ Day this year 2012. We want to make a challenge to the bloggers worldwide on how they can spend the day after announcing the event in just a short period of time. We aspire to make blogging a fun activity for bloggers with the theme:

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