Movie House and XBox Kinect in Cebu

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Do you think Videoke is so conventional that you need to check another entertainment activities in Cebu? Here is a good suggestion to all my readers and followers, check out Big Screen Entertainment : Movie House and Kinect!



Opens: 3PM to 12MN (Sundays - Thursdays)
2PM to 2AM (Fridays and Saturdays)

Introductory Rate:

- Room Charge: P350.00/hr, good for 6 person
- Extra Person Charge: P30.00/hr/person*

MOVIE (Small Room)
- Room Charge: P400.00/movie, good for 5 person**
- Extra Person Charge: P50.00/movie/person

MOVIE (Big Room)
- Room Charge: P450.00/movie, good for 5 person**
- Extra Person Charge: P70.00/movie/person

*charged only for the 1st 2 hours
**additional charge of P150.00 for movies exceeding 2 hours of screen time

Now look at this Big Room for a Movie Treat? ^_^

It's Me - Its me! 

With the owner, Mr. Peter Padayhag

Here are some Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) posted at Traveler's Couch Blog.

1) Can we bring our own MOVIE?

Yes you can (no additional fee) as long as it is readable via computer (DVD, Blu-ray Disc, even in USB for newly downloaded movies in AVI, MOV, WMV and other known Video Format). If you got nothing to bring wiht, don't worry because this moviehouse offers bunch of great movies.

2) Can we bring our own FOOD & DRINKS?

Foods and Drinks bought outside the establishment will have a corkage fee of Php200/room. Don't worry guys, BSE counter offers food stuffs and drinks ideal for movie watching. Be reminded that bringing of any Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited within the premises.

The Owner, Mr. Peter and company

It's me in Green with the Photo Owner, Jean Lim

Now, CBSi members enjoying the Kinect experience!

For Inquiries:
Contact No. 0922 807 1894

Like BSE's Official Facebook Page:

Photos Credit to Jean Lim, LINK here.

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