IBM Partners With RAFI for Mangrove Planting in Aloguinsan

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River Cruising at Bojo River excites volunteers for Mangrove Planting

Launched in 2003, On Demand Community, IBM's flagship program for empowering volunteers, enables employees and retirees to find volunter activities and identify skills and expertise they can contribute to a specific cause. Last year, IBM volunteers worked on a Mangrove reforestation project in Olango Island at Lapu-Lapu but this time, the activity is focused in Poblacion, Aloguinsan, Cebu. As part of its 75th anniversary, IBM Philippines has collaborated with Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI) for a Mangrove plantation and maintenance project in the said province of Cebu on June 16, 2012.

Mangrove Seedlings ready for soaking
Indeed, It is more fun in Aloguinsan, Cebu if Mangroves and other Natural lives are preserved and protected

Together with other CBSi and iLuvCebu Bloggers, author joined the environmentalism affair with IBM employees and volunteers. We met at IT Park Lahug and together we traveled for an estimated time of two to three hours before we arrived at the Municipality proper of the province of Aloguinsan. Aloguinsan, known as a fishing town in the Midwest of Cebu has over 5,000 households that depend on fishing for a living. It is said that 75% of all tropical commercial fisheries pass part of their lives through mangroves because it serve as nursery grounds, provide shelter and food.

Municipality of Aloguinsan, Cebu

Before the planting proper, we first visit Bojo river known to everybody as "Mini Palawan Of Cebu" and did a cruise. Hospitality was embraced while receiving a fresh Buko juice with a designed Gumamela flower in it paired witht heir native or home made bread. Smiling faces welcomed us and the volunteers. After a short break, one of the Natives gave us a lecture on the Mangrove detrital food chain and how Mangroves help in populating the fishes in that area.

Bojo River Signage at the Entrance

Buko Juice as welcome drinks, refreshing it is!

Native lady giving a short lecture on Mangrove Detrital Food Chain

Bojo River Nature Reserve, which includes the 1.4 kilometer long Bojo river and its riparian zone - home to about 61 bird specifies and remarkable native flora including the 22 species of Mangroves, was protected by local fishermen and natives. Local guides will paddle you down to the river in a traditional baroto, while they interpret the river's rich natural and cultural heritage including the famous Goddess Maria Tang-an. According to townsfolk, she was a nature spirit who took the form of a one-eyed, single-breasted female, a siren in the tradition of cyclops of Homeric epic and a protectress of the home that was a wilderness as natural as any primeval Eden (via Business Mirror)

FaceCebu.Net Author taking a pose in a calm and preserved Nature

ILuvCebu Head, Doyzkie ready for a boat ride

Our Boat Guide with an English speaking skill and accent it is

Our Baroto (Boat) Paddler

The tour was organized by the Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association (BAETAS). Here are the packages for the ECOTour.

Duration: 3 hours

5 persons – Php800.00/head
6-10persons – Php550.00/head
11-15pax – Php530.00/head
16-20pax – Php500.00/head
20-30pax – Php480.00/head
30-50pax – Php450.00/head

Package includes orientation and lecture on mangroves,  ecology and bird wildlife lecture, handicraft (mat-weaving) demo, a buffet lunch and a snack (cool drink and freshly-baked salvaro, a native pastry) and a cruise down the river (via Lovely Philippines)

You can contact Rudney Carcuevas with the mobile numbers below.

TM/Globe: 0905-9133-055
Sun: 0922-4798-822

Here are some PHOTOS taken at Bojo River

So much of the River Cruising, now back to the main goal of the visit - Mangrove Planting. The River cruise was initially done so that volunteers can understand and really appreciate what would be the fruit of their effort in planting Mangrove trees in the shores of Poblacion. "Planting and maintaining Mangrove forests greatly contribute not only in ensuring the balance in our ecosystem and the protection of our natural resources and people. It also helps in bringing back biodiversity, in developing eco-tourism, and sustaining socio-economic development in our country. Thus, community-based initiatives are crucial in the preservation and nurturance of the environent," RAFI President Roberto E. Aboitiz said.

RAFI Representative doing a short lecture how to plant Mangrove

a IBM Volunteer peeling off the plastic of the seedling

CBSi Blogger Geezelle just finished planting her Mangrove seedling

CBSi Blogger Red Yumang in action

Take a pose with ILuvCebu Bloggers and Owen of IBM

IBM's deep commitment to drive progress through innovation resonates in the company's engagement with the industry, academe, government and communities that strategically employs IBM's technology and expertise to enhance the country's global competitiveness and help improve the lives of the citizens. "On July 20, 2012, IBM will mark a diamond milestone -- 75 years of operations and service in the Philippines, unmatched in the local technology industry," said Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, President and Country General Manager of IBM Philippines. "This year will not simply be a milestone, rather it will be an opportunity to heighten IBM's commitment to the country. We have been in Cebu for five decades now and we will continue to engage in partnership with cebu to seize the opportunities and the promise of Cebu today and the years beyond," she added.

Complete Set of Photos at FaceCebu.Net Facebook Page

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