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It's not quite a surprise that Milk Tea stores spring in different spots here in Cebu but as a customer, were you able to really determine which is which? Last weekend, after a fruitful Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. General Assembly and Board of Trustees meeting at The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, I was able to visit and try this Milk Tea stall beside Krispy Kreme in IT Park Lahug - we call it Heart Tea. Heart Tea Milk Tea - IT Park branch has operated for almost 3 months from their launching last March 31, 2012 in parallel with Y101 funrun and Earth hour affair. As expected, most BPO agents and personnel got their hearts attached to this Mlik tea.

Heart Tea Milk Tea logo

The Store beside Body and Sole
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So, since I still have a graveyard shift, I then scanned their varieties of Milk Tea and Coffee Konjac Milk Tea got my attention. I even asked the crew and the owner, Mr. Coy Oliva, what is Konjac? Konjac is a perennial plant which is use as fruit jelly and its root is highly rich in positive vitamins, minerals and fiber. Interesting, right? But when you taste it, you will surely grab for more as the Coffee really taste like coffee unlike other Coffee or Milk Tea stores which majored their creations with cream and stuff not worth the drink.

Coffee Konjac

Aside from Coffee Konjac, I also finished a Large Cup of Iced Coffee which definitely made me awake the whole shift. Not to brag the real Coffee essence you got in every sip you take. Its like a coffee with in a coffee with Milk tea.

Wintermelon Milk Tea

Heart Tea Milk Tea offers Basil health drink (another best seller), Fruit Flavored Drink, Tapioca Milk Tea and the so loved Wintermelon Milk Tea. Price ranges from 50 - 70 depending on the Add ons in which buyers can personally choose to put add on or not and fatless milk for milk tea products.

Now, here are some proofs that I tasted Heart Tea Milk Tea
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Heart Tea Milk Tea is open 8 am to 2 pm daily at the i1 Building I.T. Park Lahug Cebu City just beside Krispy Kreme and its partner Body and Sole Massage Parlor. Should you need further inquiry, hit the comment box below or visit their Facebook Fanpage at

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  1. Hello, visit Jelly Citea Milk Tea and Coffee at Raintree Mall Lahug for an extra-ordinary milk tea experience. I recommend you to try Paris, New York, Tokyo, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea and Okinawa.

    This is the best tasting milk tea ever. And i am so addicted to it. They also have 50% discount promo on metro deal.


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