Best Burger and Steak? Taste them at Buddies!

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As a gym-goer, Working out doesn't mean focusing yourself into Protein rich foods consumption. We should also balance our diet with Carbohydrates and other nutrients that our body needs - at least once a week, maybe? Thus, I am recommending everyone to try BUDDIES, Cebu's Home for Burgers, Tacos, Hotdogs and Burritos. 

BUDDIES Cashier and Order section

 So why Buddies? Aside from its simple interior and industrial look, BUDDIES, offers foods which can be enjoyed by family, relatives and barkadas.Unlike some other common fast foods or Burger stands, this Diner situated at Piazza Elesia in Talamban corner Cabancalan, gives one of the best Burger in the region which is their signature or brand bearer. Buddies' Burger shows what a real lean and meaty patty is - which is juicy and tasty indeed. And hey, Burger is also a good source of Protein and Carbs combined, very cool - right?

BUDDIES wooden Table and Chairs and interior design

Buddy Burger [PHP 89]

Eventhough BUDDIES has just operated in less than 2 months from its Soft opening last May 2012, this restaurant is able to market and ring a name from its Philly Cheese Steak which indeed a real craving once tasted. Its cheese, onions and meat push you to order for more.

Philly Cheese
Thin slices of steak with cheese and carmelized oions on a hoagie bun [PHP 150]

Another reason to visit and try BUDDIES is their sizzling steak which is not very oily but juicy instead. The steak is perfect when dipped into its savory gravy or for me as I tried soaked it in a spicy sauce - numnumnicious it is!

Tortilla chips with chili, cheese sauce, sals and jalapeno [PHP 85]

Soft Shell Tacos
Flour Tortialla with meat, onions, tomato and cilantro [PHP 120]

Vanilla Milk Shake [PHP 80] 

Chilli Cheese Fries [PHP 85]

Steak Burrito [PHP 135]

Aside from my recommendations above, BUDDIES offers Chili cheese fries, Nachos, Soft shell tacos, steak burrito and some pinoy foods with a Mexican twist. This diner is managed and owned by three Buddies, Nino Bascon, John Paul Chiongbian and Blake Go, who were friends and a real buddies that started way back in their teen days. Nino Bascon, who owns different fast food establishments proudly confirmed that all dishes in their Menu are original and were originated from his creative mind and hands. Buddies will expand into a total of 3 branches this year which includes an arm at Mango Avenue or any site near the Uptown City and one in a Big Mall here in Cebu.

Everyday, BUDDIES showcases an Ultimate Burger Challenge in which the winner can bring home their limited Tee and some prizes. In regards to Price, BUDDIES is really serious in giving it all to the lower up to the middle class. From its 89 signature Burger, anyone can really burped from it to the fullest.
Buddies is open at 11 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Sunday. For more details, hit and visit Buddies' Facebook Page ( or call 520-8732 for inquiries.

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  1. The Philly Cheese Steak is a must-try! Of course, their burgers, one of the best in CEBU, I should say....

  2. Thank You Mark for hangin out with us and for this nice feature! hope again to see you and the Cebu Bloggers Team Soon!

  3. @X Indeed! I wanna try the cheese steak and their sizzling steak! waaa! numnum again!

    @buddies soon! i'll be back..sorry diet! hehehe

  4. good taste, great food at BUDDIES - cebu spring resort


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