CBSi's Bloggers Social Responsibility, #visayashelpsPH Campaign Drive

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In May 2010, Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. launched its Bloggers Social Responsibility program which is related to Corporate Social Responsibility and supported a Computer Literacy Program at Lut-od High School in Pinamungajan, Cebu. The event was very successful. But beforehand, CBSi has already done their brotherhood works and charity activities for the past years.

A boat and a pedicab side by side ( Twitter @IndiaGKTime)

In line with our BSR, the present state of Metro Manila and key provinces in Luzon is not an incident that we can just ignore. We, Cebuanos, might not be affected directly by this Nature strike but we are obligued to help our brothers and sisters in at least anything that we can contibute. The storm has already damaged properties and caused deaths and the least Filipino's could do is pray and HELP.

So how can we help? As a member of a socially responsible organization through Bloggers Social Responsibility, Cebu Bloggers Society (CBSI) is mobilizing the #visayashelpsPH campaign. It is with this mobilization that we are asking everyone's participation by simply doing the following:

1. Asking your friends and contacts to check this link: so that they will know where to find their loved ones and where they can course their help. The link also contains information of critical government agencies who can assist them should they need any help. you can simply Like, G+ and share it to your friends.

2. As our official help, we are allocating 10% of our membership fee to this cause plus the Unilab Medicines. Should you have additional things to give and share, we will update you on the official drop off location.

3. We are further asking you and your friends to share your BLESSINGS by transferring some amount to our official paypal account. Amount is better spent if coursed through proper private entities serving the area.

Paypal Account:

Please include this purpose of your donation: CBSI #visayashelpsPH- my donation.

We look forward to every Cebu Bloggers support for this cause.

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