Automecha, Hobby Convention is Back!

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In 2009, FaceCebu.Net author who used to blog at EUTS: Everything Under The Sun contributed a lot in the first Cebu's Hobby Convention or HOBCON as he became one of the judges side by side with a Photographer and Cebu's cute Cosplayer and a local media icon, Miss Kara Mae Noveda. It was held at Parkmall Cebu ground fllor with at least 1,500 gamers, cosplayers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and photographers. Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. current head of Content Management Committee, Agnes Embile Jimenez was one of the Cosplay joiners with her Nun Character.

HOBCON 2012 : AUTOMECHA Official Poster

In 2010 or memorable 10-10-10 ( October 10, 2010), CANE Events who brought HOBCON 2009 was able to pull out a very successful sequel under a theme, Imperia! An interschool Fashion Competition was one of the highlights designed in the affair.

HobCon 2009 Judges

In 2011, HobCon Series was not able to push through since a very big Cosplay event was in cook under Harajuku - not at the Fashion Capital of the World but the event was held at Ayala Center Cebu where cosplayers display their creative suits and dresses with a touch from Harajuku District.

This year, HobCon is focusing on the artistic display of weaponry & battle suits through cosplay and photography. On August 11, 2012, ACE Productions’ is proud to present HobCon 2012: Automecha, a showcase of the cosplayers’ skills in weaponry and suit making. You will witness not only the usual costumes you see at any Cosplay Event, it’ll be a show of talent for costumes handmade by the Cosplayers! On the day of the event, there will be an exhibit of gundam kits and non-gundam figures and kits by GUNPLA. A weeklong Cosplay Photo Exhibit by enthusiasts of Cosplay Photography at the JCenter outdoor mall lobby.

Aside from the cosplayers flaunting their costumes and their artistry , enthusiasts get to interact with the different people in the craft, share ideas, trade secrets and tricks. Mark your calendars and let’s all march to HOBCON 2012 : AUTOMECHA! Lock your radio stations to Y101 starting August 4, 2012 to win tickets for the event.

Should you need furthe details contact below:

Email at or

Doyzkie at 09173003739 ,
Chai Rico at 0917328 8851 or
Edd at 09064148431.

Registration starts at 10 am while the program starts at 2pm.

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  1. awesome post about the event's history in cebu... i'm sure alot of perks will join this event.. surely going to be alot of fun.. :)

    Peace out! :)

    Everything Etcetera

  2. Wait, there's a ticket? So no ticket, no entry? Nawww >.< I thought it's public :'(

    1. Yup theres a ticket. There would be lotsa surprises for both cosplayers and enthusiasts and fans. The fee supports most of our youth oriented events like hobcon. So ur support in the craft is much appreciated.


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