Dinner Date with Young Entrepreneur of the Year Marvin Agustin at SumoSam

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October 13, 2012 was a date - a dinner date with SumoSam's young founder, Marvin Agustin. Together with selected Cebu Press, I was the only blogger (actually with Kristin Roa of instylecebu) who graced the invite for sumptuous dining experience at SumoSam which is situated at Ayala Center Cebu Terraces. By the way, this Cebu branch is the biggest in the Visayas with a seating capacity of 120, so you can actually bring all members of the barangay when you have event.

[L-R] SumoSam's Founder, Marvin Agustin and 
Founder of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Mark Monta
A busy and techie Marvin A.

We are so pleased when Marvin Agustin, recipient of Young Entrepreneur of the Year, sat in front of us getting ready to dine. Before the delicious dishes were served, we had a chit-chat which was hosted by Cebu's pride and Cebu Daily News writer, Jude Bacalso.
FaceCebu.net Author with Jude Bacalso

Red Ice Tea

So what was my main dish? Well, nothing can beat my beloved Chicken Teriyaki with rice and the crunchy SumoSam's Tempura. I was amazed when this big serving of Chicken Teriyaki filled my tummy without even giving me a chance to think of ordering another plate.

Chicken Terriyaki

Sumosam's Tempura

This Japanese-American restaurant truly offers what we are craving for, not to mention this "Best of Both Worlds" dessert and I am talking about chocolate, icea cream and that.....how about this dessert which I forgot the name after eating? Oh, It's Mango Jubilee and yeah it's worth a celebration!

Best of Both Worlds

Mango Jubilee

What's inside the boat? Numnumnicious tuna, salmon, kani sashimi, California, Philadelphia and Dynamite roll! Drooling now!

We were filled with information (from Jude) and numnumnicious foods from SumoSam, Thanks Enjoy Philippines - Kristina!

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  1. that red tea reminds me of a funny scenario when we dine at sumo sam cebu.. ;) Lucky you are, sir!


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