After Yolanda: 10 things Filipinos SHOULD be doing on Social Networks

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November 8, 2013 - Typhoon Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda left a horrific scene in Central Visayas most especially in the affected areas of Tacloban, Samar, Leyte, Ormoc and Northern part of Cebu. This resulted to thousand of deaths and affected millions of people and damaged thousands of houses, public buildings and infrastructures.

A cargo-ship pushed on Land by storm surge during Typhoon Yolanda. Photo Credit: Philstar

But despite of this natural disaster, Filipinos still manage to stand up and bring the "Bayanihan" spirit to the country. Following Dr. Stef dela Cruz's article in, FaceCebu.Net compiled it's version and this time, here are the 10 things Filipinos SHOULD be doing in their Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) accounts.

1. Post or Repost Relief Campaign Information. What best we can do online is to post verified information and details on how to help the survivors or victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Share into your wall the drop-off centers, contact numbers and addresses to which donation can be sent.

2. Encourage Netizens to Donate. With your hundreds or thousands of followers, at least you can push Ten or twenty people to donate basic commodities such us rice, canned goods, biscuits, medicines, water and some clothes (which can be used) in the most nearest drop-off center.

3. Invite Online Friends to join Relief Campaign. Private Sectors and other organizations who initiated this campaign need volunteers. Volunteers who can pack ready-to-eat goods and be of service in any terms which are related to this activity.

4. Ask Friends to join Package Distribution. If they are available and for sure they are, they could actually help in distributing the donated packages - if your friends trully care.

5. Spread Updates of your supported Relief Campaign. Yes, monitor on where those donated goods are being distributed. Let your friends know and spread the updates up to the friends of your friends.

6. Post Photo or Status of Encouragement. What are these photos or statuses of encouragement? These are pictures taken during the relief campaign or photos of heroic deeds during the rescue operations in affected areas. Post a status or words of encouragement to let the people feel that they are strong and they are not alone on this tragedy. Also, to encourage others to follow and join this works of Mercy.

7. Share Survivors' list. Help people who are longing for their families or relatives who might be victims of this Super Typhoon. There are available services online like:

Google Person Finder
DSWD Disaster Mitigation and Response Situation Map,
Official List of Casualties, 
Websites with list of Typhoon Yolanda Survivors and other means (Check this list).

8. Comfort Victims and Affected families and Friends. We should sympathize on their loss. Provide comments which can help elevate their social, spiritual and morale.

9. Change your Profile Picture or Cover Photo. Why change? No biggie but at least show to your friends what "sympathy" means or at least no "selfie" moments here. Change your photos into useful slogans, hashtags or other words used to uplift the spirit of affected Filipinos.

10. Lastly and most importantly, Pray. No matter what Religion we are part of, it's faith that we are united. So, keep on praying for the souls of the dead victims.

Generally, if you think our Government has nothing in it's plate for the Typhoon Victims, then we, as individual shall do something - not tomorrow but today!

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