Top 13 Cebu Bloggers of the Year 2013

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Year 2014 is just around the corner and before this precious year 2013 will end, FaceCebu.Net was able to pull a list of Cebu Bloggers who stood out this year.  Together with the help of other Cebu Bloggers and some Bloggers outside Cebu, we came up with Top 13 Cebu Bloggers of the Year 2013.  Online popularity and Facebook Likes are not part of the Criteria of choosing these Cebu Bloggers but we put them on the list based on their Character, Relationship with other Cebu Bloggers, and most importantly, their Contribution to the Cebu Blogosphere.

FaceCebu.Net's Top 13 Cebu Bloggers of the Year 2013

Without further ado, cheers to The Top 13 Cebu Bloggers of the Year 2013 by FaceCebu.Net

1. Sinjin Pineda of

Sinjin Pineda is Cebu's top Travel and Photo Blogger.  Branded himself as "The Libotero", he emerged as Finalist of Singapore Experience Awards of 2013 under Marketing and Media's Best Singapore Experience Story (Digital) which indeed gives pride to Cebuanos and Filipinos. He also won Blogging awards in the previous years such as Best Cebu Travel Blogger finalist of 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Twitter: @thelibotero

2. Nancy Cudis of

A bookworm but a dedicated Blogger, Ms Nancy Cudis topped other Bloggers as she was awarded as Top 9 of Good Blog Awards. She received Cebu Media Excellence Awards for the year 2011 and 2012 and Globe Media Excellence Awards for 2013 as Blogger of the Year Awardee. Nancy is a resident judge of Best Cebu Blogs Awards since 2010.

Twitter: @nrcudis

3. Ruben Licera Jr of

Ruben Licera changed Cebu Blogging scene during his administration as President of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. He headed outstanding activities for Bloggers and Online people such as Social Media Summit, ACT Now Campaign, Social Media Day Cebu, among others.

Twitter: @rubenlicera

4. Buenaviaje Brothers of ( Edd, Reymond, and Doyzkie )

The Entertainment Trio of Cebu, Doyzkie, Edd and Remond Buenaviaje authored which becomes the most popular online magazine, entertainment and lifestyle blog for Cebuanos. is Finalist for Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog of 2013.

Twitter: @iLuvCebuTeam

5. Kristine Roa of

Dubbed as Cebu's Style Goddess, Ms. Kristine Roa is a consistent Finalist of Best Cebu Blogs Awards for 2011-2013. She's Cebu's Top Style, Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.

Twitter: @KristineRoa

6. Edwin Castillon of

Cebu's Diva of Travel Blogging, Edwin Castillon is Best Cebu Travel Blogger of 2013. He also emerged as Greenwich "Favorite Ng Barkada" Awardee as he received the highest percentage mark among the 6 Niche Winners. He also made it to BCBA Top 10 Famous Bloggers.

Twitter: @lakbay

7. Leylander of

An outstanding Travel and Photo Blogger of Cebu, Leylander is Cebu's Best Photo Blogger of 2013. He is branded in the Cebu Blogging scene with his adorable Satchmo, traveling Cebuano Cow - a unique way of presenting his stuff and travel gigs.

Twitter: @leylander

8. Marco Paulo Diala of


Known as one of Cebu's top Fashion Blogger, Marco focused on the Food niche of blogging this year. He was named as Best Cebu Food Blogger of 2013.

Twitter: @countocram

9. Justinne Lou Go of

Justinne is Cebu's Babe Food Blogger. She is a consistent Finalist of Best Cebu Blogs Awards for 2011-2013. She is The Sinulog Shirt Project - 2013 Ambassador.


10. Dr. Narciso Tapia of

Dr. Tapia is Best Cebu Personal Blogger of 2013. He initiated and supported The Smiling Kidneys Club, a Cebu-based renal support group. Dr. Narciso Tapia is a physician, medical educator, microbiologist and a dedicated blogger.

Twitter: @cebumd

11.  Alexa Martin of

A Fashion Stylist and dedicated Blogger, Alexa Martin won the recently concluded Best Cebu Blogs Awards of 2013 as the Best Cebu Fashion Blogger. She's Smart and amazing Fashion Blogger, check her stuff at her blogspit.

Twitter: @iamalexa

12. Rabsin De la Cruz of

Cebu's Top Male Fashion Blogger. Ricky De la Cruz or famously known as Rabsin. A consistent Best Cebu Fashion Blogs Finalist, He's been a very good advocate of The Love Yourself, an AIDS-education organization.

Twitter: @rabsin_d

13 Gerrymie Tampus of

Cebu's Top Event's Blogger, Gerrymie Tampus or known as Miong is a consistent Best Cebu Blogs Awards Finalist.  He's an outstanding Cebu Blogger who always put justice to his blogging articles.

Twitter: @imiong

Do you agree on this list? Speak up!

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  1. Thank you, Mark. I didn't expect to be included. I was expecting that you'll be putting here selected finalists and winners from Best Cebu Blogs. An honor. Again, thanks! Happy New Year! :)

  2. Hi Nance, of course! You deserve it! Happy New Year

  3. Congratulations to all Cebuano bloggers out there! Nice post! How I wish I'd get an award in the future~! ♥

  4. Hi, by the way I am Hannah Bayal from Cebu City i just want to extend this mesage to anyone of the travel bloggers who are interest to work as partime in our company for we are in need of travel bloggers to work with us for our Japan Travel Website...hope to hear from those who are interested through my eamil you :)


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