Chowtime Cuisine Opens in Cebu

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Enjoying Mealtime has never been this good, delighting it at Chowtime Cuisine means "very good"! This Asian-European inspired restaurant originated from the City of Flowers, Zamboanga City, which is endorsed by Department of Tourism as one of the must-visit Restaurant in the area. Last month, this famous eating place has opened it's door to Cebuanos so that we can experience some local dishes with an international twist.

Jana Fox, Owner and Manager of Chowtime Cuisine, served the best and new dishes to Cebu Bloggers who were invited for a Lunch. These dishes have something in common, there is the sweet and spicy touch in a moderate manner.

Now, what are FaceCebu.Net's faves? Check this out!

First off, their drinks! We love their Healthy Cooler which is actually a mix of fruit juices (pineapple, orange, watermelon, others). In just PHP 180.00, 3-4 of your friends can already enjoy this healthy drinks which is serve in a pitcher.

Healthy Cooler

Chowtime Nachos

Then for the appetizer, this Chowtime Nachos is a must try! Unlike other Nachos, Chowtime's version is full of ingredients and toppings.


Beef Culma

Chicken Lemon Glased

Chicken Stir Fry

So Main dishes were served! And we had the eye to their signature dish, the "Sinuglaw" which is actually a combination of Sinugba and Kinilaw which indeed an in demand dish for Barkadas and friends. It is moderately spicy but the taste and tender of the meat are present. Other favorites are Beef Culma and Chicken Lemon Glased.

Mango Flambe

For the Dessert, Jana served to us their Mango Flambe! Our sweet tooth indeed enjoyed the yumminess of this dessert.

Spicy fried rice with red chillies
And did I mention that these dishes were served with spicy fried rice with red chillies? Yes! And everybody went crazy and we love it!

Chowtime Cuisine is located at Level 1, City Times Square (beside Gate 5 of Park Mall), Mandaue City. They have a special function room which can be turned into a KTV room in just PHP 3,500.00 which is good for 3 hours and a maximum of 15 people. This coming Sinulog, Chowtime Cuisine will offer a Buffet in just PHP 150 per head - which is another reason to check this new Resto during this week's festivity!


On January 18 (Saturday), Chowtime prepares a Sinulog inspired entertainment with Fire Dancers and  Disco. And on January 20, this day starts the Eat All You Can Promo in just PHP 150.00 during Lunch, 11 to 2 pm and Dinner 6 pm to 9 pm. And a week after, starting January 26, this Eat All You Can Promo will be available every SUNDAY!

For inquiries, please contact Chowtime at these numbers: Sun: 09226803736 or Globe: 09177214048

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