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Proper hygiene chooses no gender and yes, Men need to do regular inspection to our feet, toes and fingernails. In this way, we can defend ourselves against bacteria and nail fungus. But wait, we can also enjoy and pamper ourselves while someone is doing the nail care for us but is it hard finding the right Nail Salon? What is the most important thing to look for when choosing a nail salon?

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It seems like an unlikely journey, but for some, finding the perfect nail salon means going all over the Metro, hopping from one shop to another, until they find the one they like the most—it can either be the one with the most number of available polishes, the friendliest staff, the warmest environment, the one with the most reasonable prices and so on.

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Picking a salon to trust with your precious hands and feet should be a well thought of process.  Aside from having a roster of well-trained staff, one thing a person in search for a go-to salon really needs to check is the cleanliness of the facility. Yes, we mean including the sterilization of tools.
In efforts to continuously delight clients and improve services, Beauty and Butter has gone the extra mile in providing a heavenly clean environment to its customers. The brand’s four-step nail tools sterilization process provides clients with a more hygienic nail care experience. This sterilization system effectively reduces the chance of contracting any nail or skin infection during treatments.

The 5 step sterilization process goes as follows:
•    Wash tools with soap & warm water. Towel-dry.
•    Soak tools in medical-grade disinfectant. (30 mins) - Towel-dry.
•    Place tools in UV Sterilizer (10 mins) then flip tools to sterilize other side (10 mins)
•    Seal tools in Sterile Pouches. Pouches are only opened infront of the client

To further ensure the sanitation of the manicure/pedicure procedure the nail files and nail buffers are disposed after one use. Buttercups also do not encourage cutting of cuticles as this can only make the skin more prone to infection. 

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Next time you head out for a manicure, choose a salon that does not only paint your nails but also provides a clean and hygienic experience as well.  Book your Beauty & Butter today for that heavenly clean experience. 

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