Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa's Patio Gavino Restaurant Offers Delicious Choices

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Serving a variety of Asian and Western Dishes, Patio Gavino serve as the main Restaurant of Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa which also caters local foods to the visitors. Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa has two Restaurants for all stay-in and diners, first is the Patio Gavino which is near the Pool area while on the beach front is the Buena Vista Restaurant. With it's aim to be the favorite destination of Foreigners, Travelers and of course the Locals, Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa's Restaurants has prepared something mouthwatering to our every tastebuds.

Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa POOLs. [TOP] their adult pool and [BOTTOM] their main pool

Luckily, a various Cebu Bloggers and Foodies were there to experienced these dishes and the result was awesome. And Yeah, very recommendable!

First, we tried their STARTERS. And FaceCebu suggests to take a bite of that Buffalo Chicken Tenders which indeed give a spicy yet tender deep fried chicken coated with Barbecue sauce and served with Blue cheese dip. It's for PHP 350.00 only.

Buffalo Chicken Tender
Ngohiong (Vegetable Lumpia) PHP 190

Next on our plate is Everybody's favorite, the Fruit and Green Salad. We finished it without even using that dressing. It is a mixed of lettuce, green and red grapes, dried apricot, apple, goat cheese and peanut brittle in Mango vinaigrette. And hey, the tomato is sweet! Love it in just PHP 370

Before the main dish, we tried their best seller and signature Wihte Sand Pizza. It's a big YES from us, thin and cheesy in one for just PHP 510

Sandwiches were served too. Yummy yes!

Then there went the main dishes and as we expected, they won't bring us down. A very recommendable Seafood Fiesta which is actually a platter of grilled whole squid, shrimp gambas, tanguige ala pobre, breaded fish fillet and crispy crablets served with egg fried rice and emsclun salad. Finish it in just PGP 620 (Single serving) or PHP 710 (Platter)

Seafood Fiesta
Spice Pork Ribs
Beef Salpicao
Rib Eye Steak

For the desserts? Their Choco Lava ala mode is a die for. Check below video from Rabsin of

Cebu White Sands at Maribago Beach serves regular lunch buffet every Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays at PHP 950.00 per person.


Cebu White Sands Resort and Spa
Maribago Beach, Mactan Island 6015 Philippines
Telephone : (63 32) 268 9000, 495 2226
Fax :  (63 32) 495 2080
Email :

Twitter: @cebuwhitesands

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