Thursday, October 2, 2014

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G-Katerer Azotea De Maasin Offers Dining at the Top

Are you looking for an affordable dining in Maasin City plus a great view of the whole City at night? Oh, you are reading the right blog article as FaceCebu was able to experience the sumptuous dishes of G-Katerer Azotea De Maasin while watching the beautiful scene of Maasin City. G-Katerer Azotea De Maasin offers Filipino dishes especially Barbque and seafoods. Some of the bestsellers are highland chicken BBQ, highland pork BBQ, cliffhanger chilli wings, back-breaking back ribs BBQ, native mountain chicken tinola, highway fried chicken, charcoal grilled pork bellies, chicken square, chicken fingers and some selected sea foods.

G-Katerer Azotea De Maasin Logo

Now, check out these comfy and cool night scenes from Azotea!!!

G-Katerer Azotea De Maasin also offers Catering Services.

You should try their dessert - Fried Ice Cream!!!

Contact Information

Location:    Jordan Hills, Combado Maasin, Southern Leyte
Telephone:    (053) 381 3502

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