Halloween Costumes In Cebu That Will Definitely Entertain Us

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Before the most celebrated Holiday of all time, the Christmas Season, people all over the world had partied hard and did some trick-or-treating last October 31 as we feted All Hallows' Eve. As expected, part of this world-wide affair is the Halloween Costumes in which party goers were crazy in preparing their stuff, doing some make-up and most of all, practicing the right attitude of the character they disguised for that night.

Now, for a little History, Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Over time, in the United States the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses.[Wikipedia] And here in Cebu, our Cebuano friends were amazing in their Halloween Costumes that will surely entertain us every time we see their photos.

Check these Halloween Costumes of Cebuanos that trended in our Social Media Timeline.

Okay, Let's start from popular characters like Joker, Yesh Jason Amodia Tagsip is Joker!!!

Yes, Cebu has our Marvel's version of Storm and Beast, check out Ben Goc-ong Leyson as Storm with his friend, Beast!!

Okay, so how about Disney's Maleficent? No, Jamel Unico below is not Maleficent but a Horny Barbarian? No wait, we mean a Barbarian with horn....Agree!?

Okay, speaking of Disney's Maleficent, check out Jahil Rabadon Murillo as Maleficent!! Pretty amazing!!!

Let's bring the dead back to life, how about Marc De Asis's version of Tutankhamun? Cool!!!

Speaking of Skulls, check out Cebu's Food/Personal Blogger Michael Karlo in his skeleton's way of spending Halloween!!!!

Tired of dead and skulls? Check out Janese-Manabat bloody nurse in action! Scary!!!!

And since we talk about nurse, check Leonelle Balbona as he rises from the dead with his Cancer disease!!! That Attitude, nice!!!!

And yesh, with his bloody nurse, lookie!!!
Can you even work at the office with this guy checking you out???!!!! Scary!!!

And for us, Elmo Andrae nailed it! The best Zombie Cebuano so far!!!!!

Wait, Cebu has it's version of scary Dolls, check out Jamboi and his Doll friend, we found them cute!!!

No word can describe, but scary Melrose Estares nailed it with her "not-so-scary-but-cutie" doll!!

And to end this with lighter version of Halloween Costume, how about Jon Aguilar's version of Princess Sarah? That simple costume. the attitude, wig and of course, are those potatoes? He killed it!!! Crazy!!!!

Did we miss your Halloween Costume entry? If yes, send it‬ to our Facebook Official Page and we will add you in the list!

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  1. I was looking for Deutche Atil Mark Monta for his costume. please post

  2. He's already wearing his natural costume everyday!! XD

  3. +melrose estares : LOL .... ang ilong ni ate melot :D

  4. Hi. I was amazed about this and thanks for featuring me as maleficent. My costume was made of recycled trash bag. Its creativity and fashion has sense. Let me share this. BE WELL

  5. halos mga taga Qualfon ang models ah :)


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