HOW TO : Facebook 2014 Year End Review Post

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Once again, Facebook is rolling out it's Year end feature post to all of it's users. This time it's not a video-type post just like last year. It's a review of important pictures and texts you posted for the year 2014. This giant Social Media website provides these photos automatically. It's a presentation that you can scroll up to view and reminisce the past.

Screenshot of Mark Monta's Year End Review in facebook

So how to make a Facebook 2014 Year End Review Post? Here's a quick Guide.
1. Go to
2. Click SHARE (see photo below)
 3. Edit the text and click POST button (see photo below)

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Do you want to customize those photos? Here's how.
1. Go to
2. Scroll down and click Customize (see photo below)
3. Choose a Theme (see photo below)
4. Click Change or Add Photo to the photo section (see photo below)
5. Change the TEXTS
6. Click DONE

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!!

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