10 Videos of Chikita That Will Give You GoodVibes Everyday

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This personality in Cebu is very famous of her wits and humor as she proudly pushes her punchlines in Tagalog or dialect, Cebuano. Known as Chikita, Mary Grace Garcia, became famous with her humorous lines like "Lumalaban!" , "Tungod sa Kawad-on" , among others. Her videos taken by a well-known Make-up artist in Cebu, Wen-wen Zaspa, trended in Social Media  with views ranges from 25 thousand to 200 thousand visits/Views or even more.

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Her videos are effortlessly done and without further ado, presenting to you these top 10 videos of Chikita that will surely give you goodvibes everyday! Lumalaban!!!!

1. Tungod sa Kawad-on

2. Insecurities...Lumalaban!

3. Asa ang amahan sa balot? Ayaw ko Jeemahe!

4. Negosyo ng Pangkalakalan at Likas Na Yaman...Lumalaban!!

5. Bun-og Makeup By Chikita....

6. Chikita VS Ruby

7. I don't like selfie....sugo-a si Kuya para pictorial...

8. Nag-Selfie or Nag-order ug Sandal?

9. Chikita greets fans

10. Mother of the Groom

NOTE: All videos are owned and uploaded by Wenwen Zaspa

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