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In the past few days, I got hooked to reading. This hobby doesn't just give me entertainment but it helps me expand my vocabulary and of course, reduce stress. But sometimes, there are words which are new to me and I just thank God, SMART Communications partnered with Free Internet By Facebook, I can easily browse the Dictionary online even without any Load. Now, that's "Convenience Everywhere"! And speaking of Convenience, have you tried going to a Coffee Shop and forgot to bring some cash? It's a shame, right? Just recently, I discovered how to pay the Smart way - the #SmartLife way.

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Here are some James Patterson Books - I'm a Fan! And I am reading them with the free Dictionary online by Smart Communications.
Indeed, even during commute, I am reading books. 

You might be interested on this what they call Charge2Phone program. It's not charging your mobile phone because it got "battery empty" but turning your mobile phone into a credit card. It's amazing! I know! We can now do our payment processes in a modern convenience with Charge2Phone. For details, visit

Do you want to experience and live the Smart Way? Check this video.

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