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Visiting Paulo Luna Resort And Spa In San Fernando Cebu

All I thought San Fernando, Southern part of Cebu, has nothing cool to offer but I was "judgmental" on that part. Just last Sunday, on a Father's Day morning, I visited a Resort together with friends to celebrate Lenny's birthday. Situated in the North Poblacion of San Fernando, Paulo Luna Resort And Spa is a "Pool-inspired" Resort with a modern style of architecture. The Resort is very clean with 3 kinds of pools and a mini-Jacuzzi. They officially opened August of last year. The Resort is available at 8 AM and closes at 5:00 PM.

Big Pool at Paulo Luna Resort and Spa

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Basic Expenses/Fees:

Entrance Fee
Child - PHP 250.00
Adult - PHP 350.00
** Additional of PHP 100.00, excess hour

Room Rates:
Standard Room - PHP 2750.00
Deluxe Room - PHP 4250.00
Family Room (4-7 persons) - PHP 6250.00
** This includes free use of gym, breakfast and use of pool

Photos grabbed from iTravelRox, a co-CBS blogger who already been there  a year ago.

Phone:(032) 488 9447

Additional photos of the Pool

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Drew Watts
November 2, 2015 at 12:09 AM delete

I have also heard hotels Luna provide Royal services and beach side resorts to their customers but right now I am looking for best hotel bar for my corporate holiday party celebration. Please suggest me something good.


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