Da Vinci's Pizza Opens Branch in Parkmall Cebu, Introduces New Creations and Services

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Cebu's Pride Pizzeria, Da Vinci's opened its 7th branch in the heart of Mandaue City situated at Parkmall. Da Vinci's introduced a new interior design aiming to provide a "Family-Centered" environment where everybody can feel at home and savoring the food while enjoying each other's company. Da Vinci's was made famous with its White sauce pizza and further grew with its selections of chicken meals and other favourites.

Members of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. during the Brand Launch of Da Vinci's at Parkmall. Photo Credit to Libotero.com

Last weekend, Da Vinci's introduced new delicious creations and services.


Da Vinci's has come up with the Pan Gusto, a Filipino-palate inspired sandwich meal which contains Pinoy favourites such as corned beef, ham, bacon, chorizo, and logganisa and egg, in freshly baked bread. This treat is especially made for those who need a quick meal, something you can bring around with you, or even a light meal for those who wish to kick-start their day with a bite-on-the-go.


Photo Credit to Libotero.com

They say bigger is better with Pizza, but when you have so much to choose from, don't you just wish you can have one of each kind? Well slow down in the muching and have a bite-size pizza of your favorite flavours with our newest offering yet: Pizza Piccolo! Now, everyone can have their choise of Pizza as the some in 3's per box.


Aiming to provide a complete dining experience, Da Vinci's offers all-day dining with meals from breakfast all the way till dinner! Breakfast offerings consist of the Rice and Shine bowl for great value early morning meal choices and you can have this anytime of the day!

SALO-SALO Together

Food is best enjoyed with people who matter and that is why Da Vinci's has come up with the Salo-salo together packages that is prepared to make eating a community experience. Not only do we serve good food, you will enjoy the best of Da Vinci's because there's a choice for the whole Pizza Pamilya! Now you can enjoy that family gathering, meet up with friends or event make that office meeting a whole lot more fun with our Salo-salo together packages.


Try Da Vinci's Famous White Sauce Pizzas, check below contact details.

OFFICE CALL:         (032) 340-1492
DELIVERY NUMBER:     2688888

*Minimum of P300 * Applies to all branches except SM CITY Foodcourt

WEBSITE:         www.davincispizza.com.ph
FACEBOOK:        www.facebook.com/davincispizzaPH

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