Timex Philippines Toastmasters Hold Blog and Social Media Talk

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"Hi guys, I'm Mark Monta and this afternoon, I will be talking about Basics, Basics on Blogging and Social Media" I started that Speaking engagement with more or less Twenty-three Timex Employees. Talking in front of people is not a new thing to me but last Thursday was different. I felt like I drank a galloon of coffee as I felt a sea of anxiety deep inside. Well, maybe it's because I know them and they know me. Third Quarter of last year, I was invited to talk in the First Southern Leyte Tourism Seminar. There were local Personalities and Senator Bongbong Marcos attended that event but it was easy and I mean I did very well. But last Thursday was different. I'm not sure why.

My Topic during the Talk

Mark Monta, www.FaceCebu.Net Author

Participants of Knowledge Cafe Brew Of The Month : BLOG

Anyways, Thanks to Timex Philippines Toastmasters for preparing everything. It's not a big Seminar but sharing my knowledge and experiences to my Officemates is a big accomplishment to me. I divided the session into two topics, Blog and Social Media. Even though the event was entitled as "Knowledge Cafe Brew of the Month : Blog ", I took the initiative to at least introduce some basics of Social Media and its good benefits to Start-ups or Businesses. Timex participants are very active and the interaction was indeed fruitful. I learned something from their inquiries and most importantly, they gained details and information from my short talk.

And oh, before I forgot, I also featured some of my Timex Friends' Blogs. Check them out below....

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