Awesome List of Cebu Halloween Costumes

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Before Christmas season, people all over the world were feting Halloween Season. Here in Cebu, we celebrated it by going to Cemetery to visit our departed loveones and said some prayers while lighting some candles, we went to Church to attend Mass and we prepared foods and did lil feasts at home. But in Western tradition, during Halloween or All Hallows' Evening, children in neighborhood are dressing up for this occasion as their fave Horror icons, Super heroes, Cartoon Characters or Actors and Actresses. Here in our Island, we are so proud to see creative Cebuanos who nailed those Costume and Characters.

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FaceCebu is proud to present to you this year's list of Awesome Cebu Halloween Costumes!

Since it's Halloween, let's start with these Dead-inspired Costumes...

He is Bryan Day Day in white-lady-crawling-outfit!

I think Ly Patromo is not scary in this make-up! She looks fab!
Oh! Michael Karlo looks like skinned Johnny Bravo! Woots! You nailed it bud!
Next are our fave Cartoon Characters!!!

Of course, Barbie and Ken are every Child's fave. Photos by DenzShu Photography

Of course, who doesn't like Fairies?

Here's some Fairies. Photos by DenzShu Photography

Have you watched the latest Dragon Ball Z? You should be able to witness the resurrection of Frieza! This guy nailed it! Bow! Blow! Bow! Photos by DenzShu Photography

And Of Course, our Fave from Marvel Characters!!!

Jamel Unico is Thor! Wooots! Photo by DenzShu Photography

Jahil Rabadon Murillo did it again! She's amazingly Mystique! Photo by DenzShu Photography

Who's this guy? He nailed it - Hulk!!! Photo by DenzShu Photography

And some interesting Characters fellas!

Here's Mark Razonable pipz in his Avatar-inspired Costume! A for Effort! Nice! Photo by
Lord Allen Hernandez
[TOP-BOTTOM] Black and White Witches? You think? Photo by DenzShu Photography

Photos of DenzShu Photography can bee seen in his official Facebook Page.

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  1. I want to see Mark Monta wearing his Halloween costume. Please post.

    1. He's always wearing his Halloween costume sir! hahahaha

  2. I like it. Thank you for your inspiring blog about Mystique. I am excited for my next year's costume. Mwaaahhh

  3. I like it. Thank you! Gonna prepare now for my costume this year! Ill visit Costume House again. they really sell good quality costumes and accessories, they also deliver nation wide so hassle free! try to visit their shop, you might find what you are looking for your outfit. goodluck!


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