Scape Skydeck, A Resto With Romantic View

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If you visited Cebu, you already knew how hard it is to choose a Hotel where to stay, a Resort or Beach where you can spend your whole day and most especially, it is difficult to choose a Restaurant where you can enjoy fine dining - because most of them are great and FaceCebu is not joking! So to add something to your list, we recommend you to try Scape SkyDeck Resto if you wish to experience a romantic dining with your love ones, friends or family under a starry night or chill inside their cozy Dining room.

Our dishes we ordered last weekend.
[Left-Right] Jacinth of LaagPaMore.Net, FaceCebu.Net Blogger, Almera of AlmeraTalks and officemates, Rhina and Roxanne.
Here's a night view of Marcelo Hernan Bridge and Mactan Channel minutes after SunSet.
Here's our Panorama shot, please click the photo to view the original size/

Here are some photos FaceCebu took in their interiors (Al Fresco area)

Situated at the heart of Lapu-Lapu City, Scape SkyDeck offers a premiere local and international twist of dining experience with their signature Cocktails while being delighted with overlooking view of Marcelo Fernan Bridge and Mactan channel. They offer American Size Servings of Pork, Fish, Chicken, Pizza and other dishes which satisfy all your cravings. Last weekend, FaceCebu, AlmeraTalks, LaagPaMore and friends were able to dine in Al Fresco area and tasted Scape Skydeck's Soft Opening Offerings.

Priced in PHP 120-140, these Shakes (Mango and Watermelon) are well done, there's no special about it but definitely can quench your thirst.

Grilled French Cut Pork Chops : Another fave of ours, well-cooked pork chop but we don't like the so sweet gravy. PHP 415.00

Buffalo Wild Wings (Classic heat soothing buttery seasoning with choice of blue cheese or ranch dressing ) Their normal serving is spicy and we love that. It can be enjoyed without sauce. PHP 385.00

Chicken Parmegiana (Tomato chutney, ham, mozarella, mixed leaves salad with a choice of fries or wedges) This one is my fave as I am a Chicken-lover. Ask the waiter to do it well (well cook) and as showed, it is best paired with French Fries and Vegetable salad. Personally, ask for spicy sauce and not the one normally served. PHP 465.00

1. Go to Scape Skydeck before 6 pm to witness the dazzling Sunset View
2. If you are with group of friends, order at least 2-3 dishes for a number of 5-6 people.
3. Order a cup of rice if you are with group but if you're going alone or with a special someone, do not add rice to your course.
4. If the weather is good, dine outside - try their Al Fresco Area for a better view of Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue and cebu Cities.
5. Enjoy each other's company with foods, drinks and view.

[Top] Minutes after Sunset. [Bottom] our view during Sunset

Scape Skydeck Restaurant Details

Address: RoofDeck (13th Floor) of Azons Residences. M.L. Quezon National Highway, 6000 Pusok, Lapu-Lapu, Philippines
Open Hours: 5 pm to 2 Midnight
Happy Hours: 5pm to 7 pm with "Get 1 Free 1" Drinks and Cocktails.
(0922) 810-4550 (Sun)
(0995) 150-9862 (Globe)
(0930) 664-1074 (Smart)
(032) 494-0898 (Landline)
** 494-0898 (9am - 5pm),
** 232-2192 (5pm onwards)

See Azon's Residences, it's in the 13th floor.

Meet the Casts who definitely enjoyed the view... and of course the dishes..

Rhina with her pabebe pose....LOL

Jacinth with his "im cool" pose...

and another pabebe pose by Almera...

Look at me with full tummy and superb satisfied with their service... and so the ladies too!

Soft Opening MENU:

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  1. Hi, just wanna ask if you need to have a reservation before going there? Thanks

    1. Hi, yes you need to ask for reservation. Call the number posted above

  2. Do they accept credit card payments?

  3. Do they accept credit card payments?


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