A Week of Summer in Dakak Park And Beach Resort

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Second half of April, some cousins, relatives and members of Tita's Cathecism organization chose to spend a week of Summer in the scary place of the Philippines, the Mindanao. But guess what? It was not scary at all - it was amazing! We picked the beautiful paradise of Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte. My manager at work once mentioned how nice the Resort was and wondered how the Resort look today? And of course, who wouldn't be interested to experience Dakak after that commercial made by AlDub (famous Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza loveteam)?

Dakak Park and Beach Resort
Blogger Mark Monta at Dakak Park and Beach Resort

Inside George & Peter Lines

Just another skyline shot

While we are docking in Dapitan port

It's Holy!!!

Cool shot at Dapitan Wharf!

So, why the place called Dakak? While on our way to the Resort, we had a chance to visit Rizal Shrine. During the quick tour, the guide mentioned Dakak stands for "Dagkong Kakahoyan" or Big Trees. In addition to this trivia, Dapitan City is called Historic City of the South. Why not? This City got a lot and is indeed part of the History. Not to mention, this is where our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was exiled and met her lovelife, Josephine Bracken. Also, in Dapitan lives the smallest person in the whole world. We can see Holy Rosary Cathedral of Dipolog, the City’s century-old cathedral. And of course, most Spanish houses which are reserved until this era.

Rizal Park

The team in Rizal Park

Holy Rosary Cathedral of Dipolog

Ancestral House of Dapitan

Dr. Jose Rizal Museum

Dr. Jose Rizal old Clinic

Eating lunch in a buffet type during River Cruise

The team during River Cruise

 Back to Dakak Park and Beach Resort! The Resort has a lot to offer. From Foods - Different themed-Restaurants such as Thai, Korean, Itialian and Filipino Restos are set for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You can choose and pay! Entertainment-wise, Dakak offers unlimited rides in Gloria's Fantasyland and when food and entertainment combined? You can join the River Cruise at Dapitan River with buffet lunch. At the end of the day, Dakak offers the best view of Sunset while enjoying a booze and grub in the seashore and playing in the white sand.

Swimming Pool of Dakak Park and Beach Resort

It's not a ship - It's a bar in a boat shape inside Dakak

Cousins and the Blogger in Dakak

Dakak in that Horizon

Another Swimming Pool of Dakak

Make Your Own Havaianas 2015 Pair in Dakak
Minutes before Sunset

Dakak Park and Beach Resort during Sunset

Dakak's Church

Sunset Horizon

How to get to Dakak Park and Beach Resort From Cebu?
1. Take ship from either Ocean Fast Ferries, Cokaliong Shipping Lines, Inc. and George & Peter Lines. Check the Cebu to Dapitan Boat schedule.
2. From Dapitan Wharf, you can ride a bus as offered by Dakak Park and Beach Resort.

For details, contact the Resort:
Phone Number: (02) 696-9726
Email: onlinedakak@gmail.com

This Blogger was indeed enjoying a ride...

And the pool too

Take a pose Blogger!
Just Chilling on the last day at Dakak!

** All photos are taken by the Blogger using ASUS Zenfone Laser 2.0

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