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FaceCebu (FC) had already visited other Provinces and Islands in the Philippines like Baguio, Boracay, some parts of Mindanao like General Santos, Cagayan De Oro, Zamboanga but failed to experience Central Visayas completely. Not until last weekend, when FC visited Bohol with the help of Travel Blogger, Geezelle Tapangan, who lives in this beautiful island. Now, I'll show you where to go when you have a chance of visiting the land of Tarsiers and Chocolate Hills, Bohol!

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1. Alona Public Beach in Panglao Island
This public beach is situated in Alona, Panglao Island and got the Boracay feels. The white sand stretches into the shore but sadly, there were nobody who maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings. The only good thing is restaurants and hotels are available for Locals and Tourists.

2. Visit Sandugo (Blood Compact) in Tagbilaran City
Nothing to expect a lot in this place but if you are a History-Lover then you can relate a lot why it is called Sandugo. Honestly, this is the place to pay tribute and respect to our ancestors in Bohol.

3. River Cruise at Loboc
I've been to two other River Cruises in Bojo Cebu and Dapitan, Zamboanga Del Norte but this Loboc River Cruise is different as it is grand! Their process from reservations to accommodation during lunch buffet and during the cruise is definitely amazing. They also prepare a quick dance presentation from one of the stop during the Cruise. Just one thing that I don't like - their foods are not that great. But the experience is worth it!

4. Twin Hanging Foot Bridge in Sevilla
Okay, all I thought I was that brave as I already conquered Zipline in Lake Sebu and shouted in a Roller Coaster ride in Fantasyland at Glorietta Dapitan but when I set foot in that Hanging Bridge, they shook like omg! But when I was almost near the end point, I did enjoy a lot. This is another must-visit spot of Bohol!

5. Sevilla River Flow
This is not really part of our tour but Geezelle mentioned that there is a cute mini-falls but actually that was a river, Sevilla River. As a nature-lover, there is a satisfaction seeing thus water falling down to the river or it was just me being emotional beast. LOL

6. Tarsier Conservation Area in Loboc.
 Of course, Bohol tour is not perfect without the visit of Tarsier, smallest primate in the world and they are living in Bohol.During our quick visit, we only saw 7 tarsiers but it gave us hope - a hope that this specie will soon be restored from it's endangered stage.

7. Man-Made Mahogany Forest in Loboc and Bilar Towns
This stop is one of my favorites. I just love how God uses Man to save the earth and I mean it. Those Mahogany Trees were planted by Boholanos in the 2KM stretch of Loboc and Bilar towns. It felt like I was not in Bohol.

8. Butterflies Conservation Center in Bilar
This destination was disappointing because there were no butterflies flying around. Okay, there were butterflies like a number of butterflies but not a lot to be called a sanctuary. Anyway, there was a nice area inside the center that captured everybody - we called it a Hobbit door and it was really nice seeing it.


9. Chocolate Hills from Carmen
I felt so sorry seeing a small number of Chocolate Hills. I remember these beautiful sceneries in prints when I was in Elementary. And last weekend was my chance and I was very excited but seeing them in person which I could only count by hands - very disappointing! I hope the government can do restore these natural creations.

10. Canawa Cold Spring in Candijay
For me, this can be called "Enchanted River of Bohol". The color of it's cold spring really looks the same to that of Enchanted River in Surigao Del Sur. One thing didn't work for me, there was no maintenance. People come and go and I even saw trashes in the banks they left behind. There was no trash bin in the entrance and I mean garbage cans are not visible. But generally, this is nice spot to visit and have cold dip.

11. Can-Umantad Falls in Candijay
Another favorite of mine - very astonishing!!! Such beauty! I really love watching water falls in waterfalls! Why not? They are cool and romantic! Agree? Check these photos if you do!

12. Anda Public Beach in Anda
We ended the 3-day tour in Anda Public Beach. We stayed in Little Miami Beach Resort which is for us a 5-star pointer. It's not that the Resort is luxurious but the customer service and rooms are recommendable especially when you travel with a buddy or in group of four. Try taking your dinner or lunch in beachfront at One Castle Bar and Restaurant. They had the best dishes in that area. But if you are tight in budget, try their Anda Food Center which offers a lot of choices like carenderia, topsilog and even Pizza and Burgers/Pasta.

13 Try Shot's in Bar
Enjoy night life at Shot's In Restobar in Jagna. They have one room for a videoke session but the whole place got a live band and some booze and good thing, chill in beach front baby!

** All photos are taken by the Blogger using ASUS Zenfone Laser 2.0

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