How Does Best Cebu Blogs Awards Pick The Finalists?

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Everybody wants to know the answers. They want to know what's real. If they're in doubt, they start creating stories and bad stuff. Even if the only goal is for the common good, there's always an issue. And of course, Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) did not escape this horror story on its 10th year.

BCBA 2017 Official online poster
BCBA 2017 Official online poster
As the founder, it saddened me hearing the news that someone is questioning the process and ways of how BCBA organizers are picking up the Finalists for the Awards. These Blogger-Volunteers who run BCBA never arrange the outcome or results! When your blog is not listed as Finalist then it needs improvement in many ways such as Search Engine Optimization or page structuring or content analysis, or images and links analysis - if they are broken, then you should work and resolve them and be back next year's nomination. It is not just about high-quality images or perfect grammar. Remember, it is a Blog, not a newspaper. BCBA is here to guide you. BCBA has always been helpful to Bloggers who truly give their best and who are very passionate about their craft. If you really care about your Blog, then you should do something about it. Build your brand well and I mean building from the core codings up to the content creations and stuff. Blogging is not just posing for a good picture - it's more on passion. I hope newbie and tenured Bloggers know these basics.

This won't be the most common questions from Cebu Bloggers but I heard this from a friend, "How Does Best Cebu Blogs Awards Pick The Finalists?" Here's a quick guide for you.

1. Nomination Phase with corresponding Mechanics of who are eligible in joining the Awards.
2. Once nominees are listed, Organizers to pick the Top 3 Finalists using a Website Analyzer Tool.  This tool can detect issues and what are the factors that need to be improved on a blog or website. In addition, it also gives a total score of the website which is our basis to pick finalists of Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2017. Starting this year, we pick the Top 3 in each Niche in order to determine the Best among the Best.
3. Among the Top 3 Finalists, our Judges from different regions of Philippines will then evaluate each Blog according to the Criteria for Judging. (see below screenshot from BCBA site)

BCBA 2017 Criteria for Judging
Click picture for clearer view

4. The top Scorers of each Niche will be named the Best Cebu Blogger for this year.

For transparency purposes, I'm posting the official Nominees for this year's Best Cebu Blogs Awards with their corresponding Web Analyzer Scores. I hope in this way, those Bloggers who questioned us about our dedication to BCBA would know that we are not playing with numbers. You're the one who gives us numbers, we're here to arrange them accordingly.

BCBA 2017 list of Nominees
Click the picture for clearer view of the scores.
Of course, we thank our  Partners and Sponsors for supporting this meaningful event.

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