Angus Dan's Is The New Affordable Steakhouse In Cebu! As low as PHP 470!

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From the people who brought you the highly successful restaurants Choobi Choobi and Kogi Q, comes Angus Dan's.

I'm excited to eat my USDA Premium Steak!!!!!


Angus Dan's is a New York City inspired steak and seafood house that serve creative fusion salads, appetizers while still serving traditionally grilled steaks and seafoods with a modern twist. The signature salad is the "Sugbu Salata", which is a salad of mixed greens, fresh mangoes, Seaweed (guso) and topped with sea grapes (lato) and crispy danggit bit drizzled with a sweet Olive oil-based dressing. They also have the other salad offering such as Greek Salad, Asian Prawn Salad, and salad ala Pescatora.


For Starters, you can try their Sisig Nachos or the Crispy Onion Mound or Calamari with wasabi mayonnaise. If Oysters are your thing, try their Oysters Masayoshi, Japanese Oysters baked with cream cheese, salsa and topped with Ebiku, seaweed flakes and sea grapes (Lato).

The signature steak is Angus Dan's garlic steak, 200 grams of US tenderloin. Tender and juicy, seasoned and marinated with lots of garlic. With Plain rice or garlic rice and whole kernel corn for only PHP 470.


For serious steak lovers, they offer premium steaks. USDA choice Angus Ribeye, USDA choice Porterhouse steak, and grilled Angus Short ribs.

Angus Dan's also serves a good variety of seafood, their signature seafood is Dan's grilled swordfish belly. Also called the Angus of the High Seas for its tenderness and perfect balance of meat, fat, and moisture. They also serve scallops, shrimps even lobsters to stir up the seafood lover in you.


The interiors are very urban-chic set on a rustic background. Giving it a homey but upbeat feel. "Angus Dan's still adheres to the philosophy of Choobi Choobi. We will serve good food but at the same time give you the best bang for your buck." Says Constantine Tanchan, Choobi Choobi CEO.

Surprisingly, prices are quite reasonable despite the ambiance of the place.


Parking is not a problem. They have free valet parking. but if you don't want your car driven by someone else, a huge exclusive parking area is only a few meters away.

Angus Dan's is located at Jasmine St. Corner Orchid St. Capitol Site Cebu City. To find the location, you search it up on waze app!

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