Kinatarkan Island, The Forgotten Paradise In The North

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It was two weeks ago when I got the invitation to visit Kinatarkan Island. When I got the message, I was like "where's that island?" and the geek on me started searching for an answer and got curious about what this place can offer. But it was last weekend when I got a chance to visit Kinatarkan Island, the forgotten Paradise in Northern Cebu!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu

Kinatarkan is the famous name of Guintacan island situated in northern Cebu and is part of the municipality of Sta. Fe with three barangays: Hagdan, Kinatarkan, and Langub.


  1. From where you are located or living in Cebu, go to North Bus Terminal to start.
  2. From Mandaue City's North Bus Terminal, take a Ceres Bus going to Daanbantayan. The fare is PHP 205. You can get the first-hour ride, 12:00 Midnight. Important Note: If you are in doubt, ask the Ceres Bus Driver to drop you off at the corner going to DaanBantayan Pier/Port. 
  3. From the mainland, take an available pumpboat docking in the port. You will get off the boat at Pasil Beach, Kinatarkan Island. Fare is PHP 50. But if you wish to rent an entire boat, you can have it in PHP 1000 or more.
  4. Then get a motorcycle ride to where you're planning to set a camp or a resort to stay. The fare is PHP 30.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Check out this aerial view in Forest Beach Resort. Photo taken by Ian Limpangog of


Camping at the Beachfront. It is famous to set-up a tent at Willie’s Beach Resort. But what's the catch?


  • It only cost PHP 200 per head for a tent set-up. 
  • This includes the use of a bathroom which is public.
  • Water for washing and electricity for charging are available.
  • You can enjoy beachfront and the white sand


  • You will be setting up your tent to a number of campers out there. Yes, it will be crowded most especially Summer is coming.
  • The bathroom or CR is not that really nice but it's okay
*** These are just what I noticed when we inquired in the place.

Book A Resort. There's one famous resort on the island which gives a good beachfront view but when we booked Forest Beach Resort which is part of Bitoon, we got hooked!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Forest Beach Resort Accommodation. Photo taken by Ian Limpangog of

Why in Forest Resort?

In just PHP 250 per day, you will get a comfortable Bed to sleep, a towel for wash-up, a clean bathroom to change, a kitchen where you can cook and eat properly and most importantly, a safe shared room where you can leave your stuff after a long day on exploring the island.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu

The best thing we experienced in this place was Kuya Berlito is very accommodating! His family even managed to share some food and local dishes to us. I personally love the dried fish he gave to us on the last day.

Not to mention, Forest Resort got the best Sunset View of the island!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Here's my sunset view!

Who to contact in Forest Resort?
Name:  Sir Berlito Mantao
Mobile: +63 920 380 4640

You can check my friend Ian on his blog for TIPS and REMINDERS.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Yes! That's me!

So, Kinatarkan Island is a very big place. What are the Spots or destinations on this island that every Locals and tourist can visit and enjoy? Here's a quick list!

BYARING CLIFF. Our first destination is my favorite. I think we spent at least 2 hours for just exploring and taking some amazing photos in an instagrammable gifts of nature.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Photo by Ian Limpangog

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Posing for Byaring Cliff!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
So instagrammable!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu

LAAW LAGOON. This is second to my list as it gives an amazing and stunning lagoon view of the island. Important note, the place is not open to the public yet but try to ask your guide if there's a way to check the place out.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Here in the lagoon!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Another view but with a number of trash!!!

HAGDANAN BEACH. Situated in Barangay Hagdan, this beach is famous for its long stretch of white sand and clear water. Good place for quick dip guys!

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Aerial view of Hagdanan Beach. Photo by Ian Limpangog

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Going for a dip???

PASIL BEACH. It is where Kinatarkan Wellness Resort situated. This is where your pump boat docked when you come from the mainland. The best white sand of Kinatarkan so far.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
This is where we docked from the main land.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
Such a nice view in Pasil Island!

BLUE BEACH. My least favorite. Just beach and some not so white but good for taking pictures sands. A number of pump boats are parking in this area.

Kinatarkan Island Cebu
A little bit of portrait.
TIP: Book for a motorcycle ride for a tour around the island. You can check out Roel on his number 0927-981-6526

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  1. Wow. Nice photos. I think I like the Pasil Beach.

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