Philips Monitors Teams Up With Spider-Man: Far From Home

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Who hasn't watch the latest installment of Spiderman? It started its showing last July 3 worldwide. And this much anticipated Spider-man movie entitled Spider-Man: Far From Home is as awesome as its partnership with iconic display brand, Philips Monitors! Wanna know why? Check out details below for some surprises!

The promotional partnership marks the first-ever collaboration between the two historic brands and comes in celebration of the imminent release of Spider-Man: Far From Home – which lands in cinemas worldwide on July 3. In the weeks ahead, fans can look forward to special collaborations, including an interactive social media campaign to be held throughout the Asia Pacific region.

From July 1 to 31, Philips will present exclusive promotional Spider-Man: Far From Home branding and imagery at in-store displays, and across digital channels and social media platforms. Customers could look forward to premium Spider-Man: Far From Home items like mini drones, travel neck pillows, mini-figurines, and more when they buy participating Philips Monitors products in select dealers and outlets.

Founded in The Netherlands in 1891 and still officially known as Royal Philips, Philips is one of Europe’s oldest globally recognized brands. Philips began manufacturing displays in 1949 and has led the way in visual innovation and technology ever since.

You can check out the promo mechanics on the Philips Monitors Facebook Page

About Philips Monitors Spider-Man: Far From Home Promo 

Shoppers who would purchase participating Philips Monitors products within the time period of July 1 to 31 will be eligible for the promotion. See below the list of models and the corresponding collectible you’ll get on purchase.

Premium Items
 ₱    38,200.00
Ambliglow, DTS Sound, Low Input Log, Adaptive Sync, USB-C, DisplayHDR 400
One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Mini Drone
 ₱    29,364.00
4K Ultra HD, IPS, Built-in-Speakers, SmartConnect
 ₱    15,876.00
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Built-in-Speakers
One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Location Device
 ₱    15,324.00
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, VA
One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Travel Neck Pillow
 ₱    14,112.00
ADS-IPS, Full HD, Built-in-Speakers, HDMI
One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Luggage Tag
 ₱       9,312.00
Curved, AMD Free-Sync, LowBlue Mode, Ultra Wide-Color
One (1) Spider-Man Passport Cover
 ₱       8,868.00
AMD, FHD, IPS, LowBlue Mode, HDMI, Ultra Wide-Color
 ₱       8,904.00
VA, AMD Free-Sync, Full HD, Ultra Narrow Bezel
 ₱       7,440.00
MVA, Wide Viewing Angle, HDMI
 ₱       5,460.00
5ms, HDMI, Vesa, SmartContrast, SmartControl
One (1) Spider-Man Mini Figurine
 ₱       6,228.00
FHD, IPS, LowBlue Mode, Flicker Free, HDMI, Ultra Narrow Bezel
 ₱       6,336.00
AH-IPS, FHD, MHL, HDMI, Flicker Free, Ultra Narrow Bezel

Collectibles for this promotion include the following items: One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Mini Drone, One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Location Device, One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Travel Neck Pillow, One (1) Spider-Man Far From Home Luggage Tag, One (1) Spider-Man Passport Cover, and One (1) Spider-Man Mini Figurine.

This promotion is available in participating stores and dealers nationwide. And here in Cebu, you can visit the following stores:

  • HYW - Cebu
  • PC Quickbuys - SM City Cebu
  • Joyo Marketing - APM Mall Cebu
  • Thinking Tools - SM City Cebu

Customers may claim their Spider-Man Far From Home collectibles up to 60 days after the end of the promo, but only from the store where they bought the Philips Monitors product. Don’t miss your chance to get these exclusive goodies, grab a Philips Monitor now!

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