THE RYE EFFECT: How Cebu’s newest aesthetic and laser center stands out

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“It is very important that we ask the patient what their area of concern is,” says Dr. Kate Escobido Mancao, Rye Aesthetics and Laser Center’s founding doctor, an associate fellow in aesthetic dermatology of the Philippine Academy of Aesthetic and Age Management Medicine, Inc. (PAAMI). “A doctor will immediately assess you from a medical perspective as soon as you walk in that door. But often we forget to address the area you came to us for in the first place.”  With an arsenal of newly-acquired cutting edge technology at their disposal, it is even easier to be swept away with all the possibilities.“But at Rye, the moment you step out, you have to feel that your main concern was treated.”

The clinic specializes in customized treatments, with every visit beginning with a consultation and assessment by a doctor. The medical professionals on-site then create a medical protocol, a general guideline or set of procedures and rules specific to a patient. It contains personal information pertinent to treatment, like age, lifestyle, and occupation.

“We believe in a holistic approach in treatment,” Dr. Mancao emphasizes, underscoring the importance of considering all the elements of a person’s lifestyle. “Yes, we can easily give you this treatment for whitening, for example, but if we know you are exposed to the sun, we may suggest a different approach that factors in that aspect of your life.” One gets the results desired without the detrimental effects of occupational hazards. “It always goes back to what the patient really needs.”

“We started the business for diversification,” says Ronald Yap Elpa, Rye Aesthetics, and Laser Center Chairman, expanding his portfolio from construction to what he considers new and promising territory. “After all, there is a growing trend for defying age and general wellness.” The businessman, a recipient of 2017 The Outstanding Cebuano Awardees (TOCA) in the field of entrepreneurship, was raised from a young age steeped in business. “My parents (Dionisio and Pilar Elpa) operated the first paint mixing store in Cebu, they specialized in automotive house paints and industrial paints.” Eventually, he left the family business to establish his own company in 2001, with JMC Konstrukt Aggregates Equipment and Designs, Inc. entering the burgeoning field of development contractors.

 A consummate businessman, Ronald Elpa is well versed even in this new venture. “Our bodies are like battery packs, we need to regenerate. Soon we’ll be starting on autologous stem cells treatments to jumpstart your system again.” Going beyond beauty, the new company has invested in machines that offer instant superficial gratification, but have the potential to address a wide range of other health applications.

 Rye’s Redustim treatments, an exclusive at the clinic, targets visceral fats attached to organs or within body cavities. “This can be used to address problems of fatty liver, high cholesterol, heart attack, even fertility issues like polycystic ovary syndrome” shares Dr. Mancao.

But by far the most popular is the Madonna Oxylight, a luxurious, cutting edge facial named after ageless superstar Madonna, who has a personal unit in her home and brought on tours for an instant, non-invasive facelift anytime. “It’s also known as the “red carpet facial” because it had no downtime at all,” adds Dr. Mancao. “Which means you can have your treatment now, go straight to makeup, and hit the red carpet in style.”

Because everyone deserves their day in the healing, laser spotlight.

(RYE AESTHETICS AND LASER CENTER is now open at the Ground Floor of Bai Hotel, A1 Ouano Avenue corner Seno Boulevard, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City. For appointments, call +63 32 414 4038/ 383 6955 or inquire about rates via email at Follow on Instagram and Facebook: @ryeaesthetics with official hashtag #RyeAesthetics )

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