PDA-Mandaue Inducts New President, Encourages Dentists To Go Out

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If you read my blogs or follow me on social media, you would remember that special article I made for a certain Dentist here in Cebu. It is entitled "What this Dentist has been doing for 12 years is unbelievable!" It is special not because he is a good friend but because he went extra - he went out of his Clinic to extend his goal and dream as a Professional Dentist. And last August 12, 2019, his fellow co-Dentists who practices in Cebu and Mandaue, had acknowledged that actions and he was inducted as new President of Philippine Dental Associations - Mandaue Chapter. He is no other than, Doc. Xavier Gonzalez-Solis.

Induction of Doc. Xavier Gonzalez-Solis as new President of PDA-Mandaue. Photo by Jun Laurel 

This 37-year-old Dentist is very passionate about his crafts. Aside from his yearly Charity Work which he purposely holds during his Birthday Month, he also blogs, an active Poseidon Dragon Boat Paddler and of course, a participative volunteer of LoveYourself, an HIV advocacy group. During his induction, the PDA-Mandaue president said, he said "Let’s go out of our clinics and make PDA Mandaue an avenue of learning, to enhance our knowledge, not just to be more compassionate and tactful in our treatment to our patients, but also to enrich our knowledge on topics that will make us better, wiser, well-rounded individuals." Indeed, he walks the talk!

Doc. Xavier Gonzalez-Solis during his induction speech. Photo by Jun Laurel

And by going out of their clinics means riching out to communities. Doc. Xavier believes that every Dentist has a big role in society. He even supports the newly passed resolution entitled “Sugar Away and Let it Begin With Me”. This resolution mandates the banning of sugary drinks and desserts like cake and pastries in all PDA Mandaue related activities. In this way, Dentists can show to their patients and to the community that they are indeed good examples. Do you know eating high-sugar snacks can cause or leads to cavities? That's why Doc. Xavier wanted to exert the effort of this drive to Mandaue and to different sectors of the community. In addition, Dr. Xavier pushes and supports non-Dental related programs such as Zero Plastic use by being sensitive to the community and being always an environment-friendly Dentists, thus, he signed a resolution mandating to No single-use plastic in all PDA Mandaue activities. In this way, Dentists can be more proactive not just inside their clinics but also outside their zones by improving the society to be a healthier one, that is more aware, environmentally conscious and socially involved.

Induction Ceremony of PDA-Mandaue. Photo by Gerrymie Tampos of CebuEventsBlog.com

He has a good vision for PDA Mandaue. As a Dentist himself, he knows how stressful the work is so he wants to help other Dentists to treat themselves. He supports #TheDentistsAreOut Project, a project by PDA Mandaue encouraging dentists to have a break, enjoy and engage in activities outside our clinics to achieve a work-play balance. "We have partnered with various establishments that when we present our PRC ID, these partner establishments will give us perks & discounts! So yes! This gives us more reason to renew our PRC ID and yes again… this is not limited to PDA Mandaue members only, as long as you have an updated PRC ID you can avail the privileges." He added.

Doc. Xavier Gonzalez-Solis is a faculty of Gullas - College of Dentistry in Mandaue and manages his own clinic called Dr. Xavier G. Solis Dental Care Clinic and also the VP for Dental City - Center for Smile. If you wish to contact him, you can visit all of his social media channels at @DookieXave or visit his blog at www.thedentistisout.com

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