Let's Getaway! A Day of Adventure and Fun With Merrell

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Cebu means adventure! Aside from the island's rich in culture, tradition, food and delicacy and Cebuano hospitality, Cebu earned a trending signature to famous adventurous activities such as Canyoneering, Trekking, Sky Diving, Wakeboarding, Rock Climbing, among others. Indeed, Cebu is the best place for Merrell to getaway to adventure! Known as the global outdoor and lifestyle brand, Merrell invites everyone to escape the daily grind, be spontaneous and enjoy life’s adventures with, of course, their famous Brand Ambassador, James Reid.


Together with a number of Cebu Media and Digital movers, we met early as 3AM and get excited for a day that is full adventure and adrenaline rush as we were going to Southern Cebu's famous Peak and Waterfalls. It was 7 in the morning when we stretched our body and warmed up as we were ready to conquer the peak. But before anything else, we geared up with Merrell's Hydro Hiking shoes. I got my Waterpro Maipo and I got pumped up! Let's do this!

After enjoying the breathtaking view of Osmeña Peak, we headed to Southern Cebu's most visited Waterfalls, the Kawasan Falls! It's a weekday - a big Thursday but it was not a reason for Tourists and Locals to enjoy the cold water of the falls. It was a crowded Thursday but Cebu Media and Bloggers were still energized to hike from Level 1 going up to Level 3 of the waterfalls. If you happen to visit Kawasan many times, you would know that the path going up is not easy. It may look chill but roads were slippery and just a misplace landing of your foot means an injury. I am just very thankful we got Merrell Waterpro Maipo as it was safe to walk and trek. Aside from its very lightweight, Waterpro Maipo helps you run fast even on the wet or dry road as the mesh upper drains moisture and Air Cushion midsoles allow for amphibious ventures in the Maipo. Honestly, this is my new fave now!

With my Waterpro Maipo at Kawasan Falls

With my Waterpro Maipo at Kawasan Falls


James Reid is known to embark on varied pursuits in his professional life from acting to songwriting and producing. But perhaps many are unaware that he is just as versatile when it comes to his choice of adventures.

Merrell Choprock Granite
James is a true believer of breaking away to go on all types of adventures from the city streets to outdoor trails, making him the perfect advocate for Merrell and the Let’s Getaway campaign.
Merrell has been known the world over for offering the best and most innovative adventure-ready footwear and gear, inspiring thousands to go on explorations and trips from the cities to the trails. Of course, every getaway needs an adventure buddy. And luckily, James has found his in the new Merrell Choprock.

Merrell Choprock
The Choprock is the newest shoe offering from Merrell. As featured in the new campaign, it’s designed with materials that dry extremely fast, boasts excellent grip on slick terrain, and protects your feet from debris. It’s also packed with all the tech features Merrell is known for such as Vibram® Megagrip outsoles, Hyperlock™heel counters, and Kinetic Fit™ BASE contoured insoles to name a few.

Merrell Choprock Granite
Sporting a sleek silhouette in versatile colorways, the Choprock works great whether you want to style it with your daily outfit in the metro, or are slipping it on as a true performance hiker for traversing both rivers and peaks.

With its collection of innovative footwear, bags, and apparel, Merrell is the perfect companion for your up-for-anything, soul-freeing adventures

So what are you waiting for? Take up the invitation— Let’s getaway!

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