How To Transfer Cash Money From BPI To Palawan Express?

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Enhanced Community Quarantine is extended to almost major cities in the Philippines. Of course, our family and friends who are living far away from us sometimes need our financial support, especially that most of them are not working due to this nCov-19. Just in time, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) made an easy way to send cash from your BPI account to any Palawan Express branches nationwide in a feature called BPI to Cash. This is very helpful since you only need to login to your device at home and no need to queue in a long waiting line in Palawan Express shop.

Transfer Cash from BPI to Palawan Express Nationwide
How To Transfer Cash Money From BPI To Palawan Express?

Before your proceed, please be informed that this feature is not yet added to BPI Mobile App but as of now, you can open a browser in your phone to proceed with the guide below.

Now, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this new BPI feature.

What is BPI to Cash?

BPI to Cash is BPI’s newest facility which allows BPI account holders to send or pay cash within the day to any receiver through Palawan Express, BPI’s pay-out partner. You just need your receiver’s full name and mobile number. BPI clients can access this through BPI Online or mobile app.

Who can send/pay cash to a receiver?

BPI clients with a savings or checking account and are enrolled in online banking.

How can I send/pay cash to the receiver?

Transfer Cash from BPI to Palawan Express Nationwide

For the sender:

1. On the web, go to BPI to Cash. This feature will be available on the BPI Mobile app soon.
2. Fill in the details of the receiver, then click on “Next.”
• Amount to send
• Receiver’s name (first name, middle initial, last name)
• Receiver’s mobile number
3. Enter the registered email address.
4. Log in to your BPI Online account with your credentials.
5. Select which account you would like to use, then select “Pay”. A service fee of Php 99 will be charged per send out.
6. Enter the one-time PIN (OTP) to be sent to your registered mobile number, and click “Proceed”.   
7. Get the 13-digit reference number that will appear on the confirmation screen. Send it to the receiver.

For the receiver:

1. Receive the 13-digit reference number from the sender.
2. Go to the nearest Palawan Express branch.
3. Present a valid ID and the 13-digit reference number upon claiming.
4. Get the cash.*

*Palawan Express branches are open every day from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, the business hours of Palawan Express branches may vary depending on the location. You may check their schedules.

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