Stay Safe and Go Cashless With PayMaya!

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This Home Quarantine is soon to be over and a number of Groceries, Supermarkets and Malls are going to resume their operations with a new normal. But the fear of that Corona Virus is still lingering around but we are strong to stand and fight this pandemic. One of our options to flatten the curve is to go cashless in all our transactions as much as possible. Whether using a card, QR, or online payments - this for sure lessens the risk of transmitting the virus through cash handling.

The list of PayMaya QR-enabled supermarkets has grown by number. Not to mention Landers, Rustans Supermarket, and Shopwise join the gang. On top of an already expansive set of grocery partners that includes Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Easymart, Robinsons Selections, Shopwise, Super8, Wellcome, LCC Supermarket, Metro Gaisano, Citimart Supermarket, WalterMart Supermarket, Budget Mart, South Emerald Supermarket, Prince Hypermart, and many more. Indeed, we are all ready to go cashless on our grocery and other errands.

But aside from groceries, there are other good news and deals from PayMaya. Now, let see what are the amazing deals that PayMaya offer for this month?

1. Enjoy up to 80% OFF on beauty, clothing, food, and personal care items as #ZALORAturns8!​ Pay contactless using your PayMaya virtual or physical card at​. Hurry! Promo ends May 31, 2020.​

2. Get up to 100% cashback when you #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR!​

3.  Just use your PayMaya number to pay online!

4. Get 15% OFF on GIGA offers 149 and up!

5. P100 Cashback Voucher when you pay your PLDT bill

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